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Spell Warping: This enchantment is filled with a myriad of magical effects. The traits within the enchanted weapon are so wild and twisted anything other than a simple magic bonus fails to take hold and dissipates quickly. if the wielder of a weapon with the Spell Warping enhancement becomes the target of or is within attack range of the target of a spell being cast, she may use this enchantment to intercept the spell before striking its target. to intercept a spell requires a reflex save DC(10+spell lvl+1/2 the casters lvl). Upon success the whirling enchantments within the weapon twist and tear magic at the seams causing the spell to explode in a rain of arcane sparks dealing 1d4 arcane damage to every thing within 10ft of the effect (DC15 reflex negates).Doing this requires the use of an attack of opportunity per turn.

This ability can only effect spells that have a defined movement. Such spells would be like Ray of Frost, Fireball(before detonation), or Acid Splash(effectively anything requiring a touch or ranged touch attack). Spells that do not truly strike there targets like most illusions or enchantments cannot be countered this way. Spells placed on objects struck by this blade are suppressed on impact how ever continue unaffected when the weapon is removed.

spell based enhancements such as SRD:Magic_Weapon have their duration cut in half.

A Spell Warping enchantment cannot have anything grater then +1 enhancement enchanted along side it and can only be applied to weapons.

extreme Enchantment, Evocation, Transmutation.;CL ; ; Market Price: +2 bonus

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