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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: Regaining spell slots, especially a number equal to your proficiency bonus, is much too powerful. Starting at the highest available spell slot is blatantly exploitative. Spell slots are purposefully an investment. Each spell you cast is a pros, and cons argument, and each spell casting class deals with these restrictions in their own way. Introducing this feat causes a serious disruption to this economy. Additionally, attempting to use this feat can lead to meta-gaming. If an enemy, for whatever reason, has yet to cast a spell, using this feat will tell you if they are able to do so. This is meant to replace a +2 ASI. See Feat Design (5e Guideline).

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Spell Slot Thief

Prerequisites: Spell Slots
You have learned how to steal magic from others. When you cast a spell at an enemy that can and has cast spells, you remove a spell slot from them equal to 1d4-1, and you regain a spell slot equal to that level. If you roll a 0, you regain nothing and you take nothing. You can do this again after completing a long rest.

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