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SpellCycle: A dwarven artisan decided, years ago, that while he loved adventuring...he hated the travel. Too many people, it took too long, it was boring...his list of reasons was long. But he knew self-propelled vehicles required incredible amounts of effort and gold. His solution? Break the device into two parts.

Every SpellCycle, based off of a training saddle set on a carpenter's horse, atop a pair of wheels, is briefly enchanted to ensure minimal cost. Then, a seperate magical key he developed, is used to make all the enchantments permanent. He reasons, with a lower cost, the volume of SpellCycles sold would offset investment in the Forever Key, as he calls it.

Sure enough, within a few short monthes, he and his adventuring crew would soon be recognized as they arrived at a town in near silence, kicking up dust behind them. Rolling to a stop and removing their protective armor, they became known as Hades' Archons, inspired by their fallen paladin comrade who died defending them, as they rescued a group of kidnapped, innocent souls from the bleak halls of the plane of Hades.

Now that the artisan has retired, he continues producing the SpellCycles for discerning customers, though he never advertises his wares or abilities. Patrons know what they want, and sometimes ask for custom enhancements and the like.


The SpellCycle, though not intelligent, retains a certain sentience due to the use of the enchantments used to animate it. This leaves it aware of it's environment, which is very useful when moving at full speed. The SpellCycle is activated by keyword, which also deactivates the Alarm spell built in for the owner's peace of mind.

SpellCycle: Large Vehicle; Speed: 70 - 280; AC: 14 (–1 size, +5 natural) when in motion. 9 (–1 size, +5 natural, -5 Dex) when stationary; HP: 60 (Hardness 6); Ram 3D6; SQ: Darkvision 60', Low-light vision; Space: 5' long x 3' wide; 4' High; Seats: 1 Rider, 1 Passenger; Cargo: -

Notes: For a change in speed of 60 - 240 and an additional +6 000 gp, the SpellCycle can be outfitted with a pair of WaterTreads, instead. This allows it to travel on water as easily as land, greatly increasing it's usefulness.

Other common additions include fins modeled after the Cloud Keel, allowing a flight speed of 40(clumsy), Saddlebags of Holding, which are nothing more than Bags of Holding molded to fit over the passenger seat, replacing it.

The final, but least common, addition was the specialty of the Hades' Archons. A modified piece of armor over the nose of the cycle, modeled after Planar Sails. Like those sails, the Plane-Piercers required 5 minutes to set up, as well as a Knowledge (The Planes) check, DC 20. With these, the Archons could go literally anywhere, from the Elemental Planes, protected by other spells and gear, or to the Shadow Plane, to make travelling even faster.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 26,000 gp+

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