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Specter Names[edit]

Male: Any male name of your choice.

Female: Any female name of your choice.

Specter Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. You can't die from age.
Alignment. Specters tend to be neutral.
Size. Specters are what ever height and build you were in life. Your default size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Flying speed is 35 feet.
Incorporeal. You cannot interact with the material plane without spellcasting
Psyche vision/sense. You can see a white outline of living humanoids within 45 feet of you, even past walls up to five feet. You can also hear: heartbeat, breathing, and footsteps of living creatures depending on their level of fear within 120 feet of you. mindless creatures are immune to this.
Positive subclass. If you choose any positive subclass, your proficiency bonus becomes 1. (Ask your Dungeon Master which subclasses are positive)
You do not require food, drink, air or sleep, but can be affected by spells that affect these qualities. For example, you can be affected by the spell sleep
Spellcasting. You do not require a spellcasting focus.(You still require any materials required by spells)
Invisibility. You may become invisible at will. Spellcasting is the only way to detect you, and there is no way to make you become uninvisible. A creature with blindsight can 'see' you.
Languages. You can speak, read, and/or write in any language you could speak, read, and/or write in life. You cannot learn any other languages. While possessing a creature, you know all languages you knew as well as all the languages the creature could speak, read, and/or write in.

<Fear Specter>[edit]

<Death Specter>[edit]

Levels of Fear Graph[edit]

Note: Only one creature can fear you at a time, once it dies or unconscious, the fear level resets to 1. This is not connected to your character's level.

Levels Fear effects [Develops a next level of fear every six rounds.]
Lv.1 Living creatures find your presence disturbing, as a bonus action one creature of your choice must make a Wisdom save on saving throws against being frightened.
Lv.2 Living creatures find your presence fearful, as a bonus action one creature of your choice with disadvantage must make a Wisdom save on saving throws or receive 1d12 psychic damage.
Lv.3 Living creatures find terror within themselves, as a reaction the Specter can cause one creature the paralyzed effect. Must make a Wisdom saving throw once per round on a success, the effect is removed.
Lv.4 All things feel fear, as an action every creature undead or alive, receive 4d12 psychic damage and while friendly allies within 10 feet of the specter they become immune to being frightened,paralyzed, and stunned from creatures with lower Wisdom then the specter.
Lv.5 The dead and the living, both see and hear things that are not there, images of ghastly beings or chaotic sounds, at random they occur with a 1/4 chance per round [must roll a four sided dice and get the number one to trigger.], each time these images or sounds occur, the creature that is affected receives 1d12 psychic damage, 1d12 necrotic damage, 1d12 force damage and this damage ignores resistances.
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