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Space Being[edit]

"They looked down at the world. Their favorite planet. The only planet in this solar system with life. How incredible. One slight adjustment and all life could perish. How did it even manage that? The tilt, the distance, the atmosphere…

It was a size of a marble compared to them. They’re “hands” cradled it. It was incredible. It was ¾ water. ¼ land. A green and blue sorta pattern that looked perfect to them.

They were curious. There must be so much on the surface. If only they could really see it. If only they could make themselves smaller. They wondered…

Could they?"

-A snippet of a bit of writing I (QD {creator of this race}) did for an OC

Physical Description[edit]

Generally, they look to be made of space. Their skin gleams a deep color with shining silver speckles that resemble starlight, their hair sparkles with what look to be stars, and nebulas seem to litter their skin. Theoretically they can have any build they want but to make things easier they have the build of a humanoid creature. They can have horns, nonfunctional wings, a monstrous looking mouth, fins, anything like go wild as long as they're humanoid and these things aren't functional. They can have any hair, skin, or eye color they want. Their hair usually looks to be made out of gas but you can have their hair look like normal hair or some weird mix of both if you want. They have no concept of gender so they may look, sound, and identify however they choose to.


These gigantic beings of space were made at the start of the big bang/whatever created the world. They generally wander around and look at various planets, stars, etc. Eventually, they may discover their ability to make a vessel and travel down to a planet. Think about how long has it been since your character discovered this ability. Have they been to hundreds of planets? Just a dozen? Or is this their first? If you want, discuss with your DM why these beings of space exist. Maybe their existence has an important purpose that they may not know. Maybe because of that purpose, your character deciding to control a vessel instead of their own body can have consequences in the story.


They don't really have any society as the universe is a huge place and they often don't run into each other. It is possible for two or more to be around and occupy the same planet so if you want to discuss this with your DM feel free

Space Being Names[edit]

Space Beings don't understand the concept of gender though they can identify as any gender at any point in time if they ever do. They may have names of whatever random thing they thought of, a reference to space, or a name someone gave them at some point in time. Here are some examples of names they may have:

Saros, Nash, Nova, Purple, Getnog, Sally, Night, Scary Thing

Space Being Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Charisma increases by 1.
Age. Space Beings can't really die. Their age is infinite. But a vessel that they make can die. They can't die from old age or hunger (unless the DM says they can) but they can die from anything else. And vessels take a long time to make, up to 500 years in fact! So while your Space Being character's consciousness can't die, their body can unless a revival spell or wish is used.
Alignment. Space Beings may not know about the law but try to do good. They may follow the rules after being told them. But maybe the one who told them these rules aren't very good. Or maybe they don't care about the world around them and just came to look. Lawful or Chaotic alignments are a suggestion but you can do any alignment you wish
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Aurora. You emit dim light out to 10 feet.
Prehensile Tongue. You can use your tongue to make object interactions. It is 10 feet long and can carry an object weighing no more than 10 lbs. In addition you can make grapple attempts with your tongue.
Languages. They can speak common and any other language of your choice

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