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Soulless Kittelar[edit]

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Soulless Kittelars are Kittelars resurrected after being having spent all nine-lives. They are called "soulless" because the demons souls that gave them intelligence have abandoned the body leaving only the cat soul to which is nonintelligent and without any memory of its past life.

Creating a Soulless Kittelar[edit]

Soulless is an aquired Template that can applied only to any kittelar resurrect by any means other than its Nine-Lives ability (henceforth shall be called the base creature).

Size and Type[edit]

The size and type of the base creature doesn't change.

Hit Dice[edit]

The base creature looses all HD down to 1 HD.


The Base Land Speed of the Base Creature does not change.

Armor Class[edit]

The Base Creature forgets how to wear or manuver in armor and looses all Armor Profincies it had in its past life. Armor Bonuses to the Armor Class become Racial Penalties (thus +X Armor Bonus will become -X Armor Bonus; X= the total Armor Bonus) for discomfort and ackwardness.


The Base Creature forgets how to use all manufactured weapons and loses proficiency with said weapons, but retains any natural weapons it may have possessed and gains a Bite Attack if didn't already have it.

Full Attack[edit]

The Base Creature may attack with each claw or bite in a full attack.

Special Attacks[edit]

The Base Creature gains Improved Grab.

Special Qualities[edit]

The Base Creature loses Nine-Lives since the ability can no longer be applied.


The Base Creature's Intelligence is lowered to 2 and gains +2 Racial Bonus to Wisdom. The Base Creature loses any humanlike intelligence it once had in its past life and becomes in tune with nature.


The Base Creature loses all ranks in Skills that uses Intelligence as the Key Ability and gains a +3 Racial Bonus to Climb, Jump, Hide, Move Silently, Balance, Listen, Spot and Survival. The Base Creature also takes a -3 Racial Penalty to any Skill Check that relates to interacting or commanding others out of timidity.


The Base Creature loses all Feats acquired and must relearn them.


The Base Creature looses all languages it knew except Kittelic Wild and becomes illitriate.


unknown (very few Soulless Kittelars are ever created, and when they are, they're usually put to death out of mercy.)


unknown (very few Soulless Kittelars are ever created for it is sinful and thus a forbidden art ranked aside with necromancy in Kittelic Society.)

Challenge Rating[edit]

The Base Creature's challenge rating becomes 1/2 for since Soulless Kittelars are more or less harmless, playful kitty cats in a humanoid body.


The Base Creature gains no extra treasure from becoming a Soulless Kittelar they may throw all but the items that catch there attention (jewels and coins).


The Base Creature nolonger can understand the concept of good and evil or law and chaos, thus maybe considered to be either True or Chaotic Neutral.


Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


Soulless Kittelar as a Cohort[edit]

At the DM's optoin, a player attempt to make the Base Creature his/her cohort. This requires a successful Diplomacy Check with a DC of 10 + the Soulless's level. The player attempting to attract the Soulless may choose to reveal a coin or another reflective item in order to decrease the DC by 5+the player's Dexterity Bonus to a minimum decrease of 0. However if there is little or no light when this the reflective item is shown, the decrease to the DC is reduced by 3 (if there is some, but not good source of light present) or 0 (if there is no source of light present).

Once the player has attracted the soulless, he/she must insure that it doesn't stray away. This could be done with a by a successful Use Rope Check if the player has rope or a rope-like substance to tie it around the Soulless's neck. This is considered to be a bind attempt and maybe opposed by an Escape Artist Check at the DM's option. However, the player must come up his/her own way to remedy the problem and a simple solution may not apply to all cases.

After the player has attracted the Soulless and insured it would leave anytime soon, the he/she may now train it.

Training a Soulless Kittelar[edit]

Usually a Soulless Kittelar is not a ideal cohort for it lacks human intelligence despite having a humanoid body and the will to fight so some advanced players may consider this a worty challenge.

To train a Soulless, the player must make a Handle Animal Check to teach it simple tricks, a specific purpose or even teach it somthing more advanced such as speech or how wear armor, weild weapons, ect. Training a soulless weapon and armor proficieny feats requires it to have a base Intelligence Score of 10 or higher.

Training a Soulless anything that would require raising its Intelligence Score or give it feats takes 1d4 Years initially until it has an intelligence score of more than 10. After the Soulless has aqcuired an average intelligence score of 10 to 11, it takes only 1d4 weeks to learn a new subject. Each time its Intelligence score is raised by 2 or points, it the amount of time it takes to learn something is reduce by 1 time increment (months to weeks and weeks to days and days to hours, and so on.)

The DC to teaching a Soulless Kittelar is 20 minus its Intelligence Modifier and the Charisma Modifier of the player teaching it.

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