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Snuffle Stuff[edit]

It's like an extreme cold in a jar. Ingestion may cause the nose to fill with waste matter, a sore throat to occur, a nasty cough, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and shakiness for an entire week. It entirely ruins the persons ability to do anything at all. Sneaking around is worthless because you can't walk straight, and your ragged breathing/whooping cough combo will alert anybody with ears to your presence. Holding your breath is almost impossible as well for the same reasons.

Type: Ingestion DC 16
Duration: 1 Week
Initial Damage: (none)
Secondary Damage: Snuffle Stuff gets into the blood:

Effect: All checks take a -4 because of the poison. Anything that requires precision/concentration is a natural failure.
Prevention: You cannot cure the common cold, therefore Snuffle Stuff is incurable.

Price: 25 gp

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