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The Sliver lives in a Hive directed by a Queen, an Overlord or a Legion. They obey them as ants would do for their queen: searching for food, scouting land, or going to war.

Physical Description[edit]

Slivers are Medium sized and can measure 4 to 6 Feet. Their weight is close to 150 lb. The Slivers don't have eyes and have the shape of a large snake with an abnormally large head and only one arm with a long talon. They are Sentient, and do have free will, although they are so devoted to their Queen, it's pretty irrelevant.


Races? What races? You mean the food?


You mean the thing that food has? Also lawful neutral.


Slivers reside in all biomes. They can quickly colonize new areas and adapt to harsh conditions.


Sliver and can't speak other languages. Slivers with a wisdom of 13 can understand one other language. Slivers with a wisdom of 15 can communicate with other beings (not speak, use of proper signals etc.)

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Aberration (Sliver)
  • Blind Sense: You gain blind sense with a range of 120 feet.
  • Natural Attacks: Slivers cannot wield conventional weapons. You have the following natural weapons.
    • Talon: 1d6 + the sliver's strength bonus and ignores your level in DR (maximum 5).
    • Head-Strike: 1d10 + the sliver's strength bonus
    • Tail-lash of 2d4 + the sliver's strength bonus (this weapon has melee reach 2).
  • Medium: No positive or negative adjustments.
  • Special Birth: When a sliver is born and as it grows it gains special abilities from the following list. Some abilities may be taken multiple times to increase their effectiveness. You gain additional ones at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.
    • Ability Score +1: Choose an ability score you get a +1 bonus to that score. You may take this multiple times and they need not be in the same ability score.
    • Brutal Weapons: Increase the damage die size of you natural weapons by one.
    • Fast Heal X: At the start of your turn you regain X hit points. X is 2 for each time this is taken.
    • Flight: You gain a fly speed with good maneuverability and hover equal to 1.5x your regular speed.
    • Immune: Choose ability damage, ability drain, disease, negative levels, or poison, you gain immunity to that.
    • Keen: Choose one of your natural weapons. Double that weapon's threat range. You may take this for each of your natural weapons.
    • Magic Resistance: Choose an energy type. You gain resist 10 to that energy type.
    • Massive Criticals: Increase your critical multiplier by one.
    • Natural Armor X: You gain an X bonus to armor class. X is the number of times this is taken.
    • Save Bonus: Choose a save type. You gain a +5 bonus to saves of that kind. You may take this multiple times, each time choose a new save.
    • Spell Resistance: You gain SR equal to (5 + your HD rating)
    • Sprint: Double your land speed. This does not stack.
  • Speed: Base land speed is 20 feet.
  • Vital Connection(Su): You can communicate with slivers within 500 feet. Slivers within this range also share their special traits.
  • Automatic Languages: Sliver. With wisdom 13: common (cannot speak, read, or write).

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