Sling of sacrifice (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (sling), legendary (must fufill atleast one sacrifice.)

A black handle giving of a dark faint magical aura to nerby magic users. This sling gives tremendous power but at a cost.

To attune with this sling you must give an important thing to this sling. For example

-A limb - a family hierloom (sentimental object)) - someone you hold dear - your past - your chrisma (you will not be able to speak) - your health( your health cannot go above 1/2 of your max)

With this youll be able to tap into its power. To hit its 1d20 + 3d4 + dex (and add proficiency if proficient).When attacking it does 1d20+4+int+dex

With this sling you can also cast spells you dont have. For each spell lv you role your hit die for how much damage taken(to yourself). If i cast fireball and im a druid the druid hit die 3 times. 3d8. If i was a wizard i would roll 3d6. Any spell can be cast. But if the user is unconscious all spells effects end. The sling has its own concentration which is unbreakable.

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