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Physical Description[edit]


===Society=== SlimeFolk Society is one of knowledge and openess not seen in any other races. SlimeFolk live in large communal pools of slime, in these all thoughts, emotions and knowledge. There are no strict laws, only those that their enviroment inforce. The oldest of each lake go to the elder lake, where the oldest and first SlimeFolk reside, this lake has existed for 25,000 years.

SlimeFolk Trait {{5e Racial Traits


|abilities= Your dex score increases by 2, a score of your choice increases by 1 and your Con decreases by 1

|age= SlimeFolk are born mentally matured, they reach physical maturity at the age of 5. Slimefolk live for upwards of 25,000 years.

|alignment=Slimefolk pools tend towards Lawful Neutral, individuals can vary depending on their enviroment

|size=SlimeFolk vary from 4 feet tall to 8 feet tall. Your size is medium

|speed=Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Your base swimming speed is 30 feet.

|trait1=Slime Storage

|description1=SlimeFolk can store items with in themselves, time for these to start dissolving vary. SlimeFolk can control if they're activly dissovling their contents or not, if yes metallic objects take up to a day.

|trait2=Acidic Immunity

|description2=SlimeFolk absorb acid and it's damage. This causes active dissoving for a number of hours equal to half the damage absorbed.

|trait3=Acidic nature

|description3=Unarmed strikes deal an extra 1d4 acid damage. If a creature grapples a SlimeFolk, they must make a DC 15 Con save or take 1d4 acid damage per round.

|trait4=Non Solid body

|description4=SlimeFolk can squeeze through gaps as small as 3 inches in diameter, your movement is halfed while doing this. SlimeFolk can squeeze through gaps smaller than 3 inches, but you take 1d6 damage per half inch smaller per turn. All item larger than the hole are dropped.

|trait5=Mind Meld

|description5= When 2 or more SlimeFolk touch, they can fuse their minds together, sharing all thoughts and expeirences they;ve had.

|languages= You can speak, read, and write Common and Gurgle. Gurgle is a combination of seemingly random symbols, noises and body movements.

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