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Slimanoid blorb[edit]

This race is my first and it's based on Slime Rancher. Hope someone enjoys playing it. Also more subraces will be added (Saber Slime, Tangle Slime, Tabby Slime, Dervish Slime, Golden Slime, Quicksilver Slime, Honey Slime, Fire Slime and Mosaic Slime) and some of them may be rebalanced later. Physical description, history, society and other texts may get more complexity later too. I'm still working on it, but I think this race can already be used in adventures. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment in the discussion page.

Physical Description[edit]

A Slimanoid Blorb is a kind of slime that as the name states can change its body to be either humanoid or a blorb. Their original appearances are as pink slimes, though with the sub-races this varies spectacularly. Ialso in humanoid form they can shape their body at will to have hair, ears, a nose, eyes or anything else they want to create such as tails or wings. These body feature changes are mainly cosmetic, as wings will not provide a flying speed nor can tails be used as extra limbs for example.

Largo Slimes are normal Slimes of any subrace who've eaten the plort of another subrace. They would grow in size, become mature, and would get the skills and appearance traits of the subrace who produced the plort. Largo Slimes are powerful, ask your DM to be able to start as one. Largo Slimes also produce two plorts instead of one.

Slimes who do not eat for too long will become feral. This means they will attack and bite anything on sight. After 3 days without eating you'll have to roll a constitution save to resist becoming feral. The DC starts at 8 and increases by +2 for each day you continue to not eat afterwards. Even though a herbivorous Slime only eats fruits and plants, when it becomes feral it temporarily becomes omnivorous.

The Tarr are formed when a Largo eats a Plort unlike the ones it produces (eg. a Pink Puddle Largo eats a Rock Plort). A terrible transformation occurs that turns the slime into a sludge filled with a swirling, prismatic array of colors and a relentless appetite. The Tarr seek only to consume and replicate. Because of this, they can spread rapidly throughout the area. The Tarr are always feral, will attack anything close, and will always be in search of food. Tarrs can and will eat other slimes. The only way to kill a Tarr is with fresh water. One splash will stop a Tarr from spawning new Tarr, and repeated splashes will destroy it entirely. The Tarr produce no plorts, only more Tarr. And then more Tarr still.(This is for monsters based on the slimanoid blorbs race, not players.)


Slimanoid blorbs are special entities that have been spit out of the Slime sea: A hidden area in the sea where all the slimes that have been dissolved in the water go and reunite. Being born again by being spit onto land. Once that happens, they just keep on living and satisfying their curiosity until the moment they die or until they decide to reunite with the slime sea and be reborn.


Slimanoid blorbs are docile and live in any kind of environment, adapting themselves to where they are located.

Plorts are produced by slimes once per day when they eat and are a kind of crystal that contains a special liquid. To use one you simply break the crystal and drink or throw what's inside of it.

Most slimes are Omnivorous, but each subrace has their preference, and will refuse at all costs to eat something they don't want to eat. So if a Slime is Herbivorous, it will never eat meat and will choose to go hungry instead.

Slimanoid Blorb Names[edit]

Male and Female: Can be any, but avoid using more than 8 letters, otherwise you'll have to succeed a wisdom check to remember your own name.

Slimanoid Blorb Traits[edit]

Slimanoid Blorbs have a wide variety of forms, and can serve multiple purposes.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution and Dexterity scores increase by 2 and your Intelligence decreases by 1.
Age. Slime blorbs do not age, but only reach maturity after becoming a Largo. Slimes can't die, they just got knocked when their hp drops to 0.
Alignment. Most Slimeblorbs tends to be neutral, with exception of the Tarr, who are (or become, in case your largo eats a plort that it does not produce) Evil.
Size. Normal Slimes usually measure 4~6 feet tall, being Normal size and they increases to Large, measuring 10~14 feet tall once they become Largo, but they can always stretch themselves to increase or decrease their height.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Also you can climb any kind of wall due to your sticky surface with a speed of 20 feet.
Blindsight. You have no eyes, but your gelatinous body can sense vibration. You can see in darkness within 60 ft. of you as if it were bright light, and you're immune to blindness, but you can't see colors.
Weird anatomy.. Due to your gelatinous body being able to absorb impact and the fact that you can split at will, your AC becomes 15 and you are resistance to all kinds of physical damage and immune to slashing damage, but this also means you can't wear armor since it would simply slip from your body. You can still wear clothes if you wish though. Also, you take no fall damage
Amorphous. You can compress to fit in spaces as small as a beer mug no matter your size and can move through any gap or hole no matter how small it is, but this may take a while. Also when you become bigger, or somehow, smaller, you can spend an action to change between your sizes.
Small brain. Since you're a Brainless creature, you have disadvantage on Intelligence checks, but this also means you can't be charmed, frightened, or any other kind of mind control. Also, when you got knocked, since you don't die, you lose all your memories.
Inherited skills. You absorb a creature that died in the last 8 hours and can retain skills from creatures you absorbed, if that creature had any proficiencies you can choose one, up to a maximum of 4 at a time, to add to yourself.
Ooze Nature. As a Slime you don't need breathe or sleep, instead entering a semi-conscious state at will, for up to 4 hours. At the end of 4 hours gaining the effects of a long rest.
Plort. When you eat, once per day you can produce a plort. Plorts are a special kind of crystal with properties based on your subrace(s). If you're a largo, you produce two kinds of plort from both your subraces.
Slippery and Sticky. If an enemy tries to grapple you, you can either choose to just slip away, instantly getting free, or to grapple them instead as a reaction.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common.
Subrace. As a normal you can choose one subrace, but if you become a Largo you get another.

Phosphor Slime[edit]

Phosphor slimes come out at night, flying about the moonlit range upon their translucent wings. Phosphor slimes have a luminescent slime core that pulses with a bright glow, making them easy to spot. It's for this reason ranchers sometimes refer to them as 'low stars'.

Appearance. Phospor Slimes are purple with a glowing yellow light in their chest, similar to a firefly.
Translucent Wings. Phospor Slimes are capable of flying with a 30 foot movement speed.
Luminescent Slime Core. You are able to produce light that will illuminate anything around you to a distance of 90 feet with bright light, and another 30 feet with dim light. This also hurts or blinds any creature sensitive to bright light in range.
Vulnerable to sunlight. You take 1d8 damage for every hour you stay in sunlight.
Herbivorous. You only eat plants.
Phosphor plort. Phosphor plorts are special crystals that can produce a light that never fades. They can serve as lanterns and will illuminate anything in a range of 60 feet. Their value varies from 5 to 15 gold pieces.

Pink Slime[edit]

Pink Slimes are the most common slime. They're cheerful, docile, and the easiest of all to deal with. A pink slime will eat anything you put in front of it, though they have no favorite food, and their plorts are the least valuable of all slimes. Oh, also they are poisonous.

Appearance. They are the most simples slimes, having no special characteristcs besides their pink coloration.
Poisonous drops. you can produce poison from your body that will deal damage equal to your Constitution modifier which lasts for 3 turns. You are also immune to poison damage, and if you contact stronger poisons you can absorb their characteristics to improve yours.
Pink plort. Pink plorts are less valuable alongside green plorts and can be used one time to poison something or someone. Their value varies from 2 to 7 gold pieces.
Omnivorous. You can eat plants or animals.

Green Slime[edit]

Green Slimes are the second most common slime. They're docile, but don't really care about anything. A green slime is acidic and can harm anything they touch, so be careful when dealing with them.

Appearance. They are the most simple slimes, having no special characteristics besides their green coloration.
Corrosive body. Green slimes can grapple enemies do deal acidic damage to them equal to 1d6 + your Constitution mod per turn. This also means you're immune to acid damage.
green plort. green plorts are less valuable and can be used to melt things. Their value varies from 4 to 9 gold pieces.
Omnivorous. You can eat plants or animals.

Puddle Slime[edit]

Puddle slimes are a rare species of slime that live in fresh water pools found on the range. These slimes don't eat fruits, veggies, or meat like most other slimes. Instead, puddle slimes absorb water into their bodies while they sit on the surface of a pool.

Puddle slimes need fresh water to survive and will quickly evaporate if left on any other surface for too long

Appearance. Puddle slimes are light blue and instead of having legs they are a mid-term between humanoid and ooze, moving with something similar to a puddle.
Water dependant. You are made of water, but you start to evaporate if you go without it. If you spend 3 days without water, you'll start to take 5 damage per hour, until you find a source of water or drink. And since you only need water to survive you don't have to eat and can't become feral.
Water Body. Since you're made of water you are thus immune to any water damage and have a swimming speed of 50ft.
Puddle plort. Puddle plorts can be used as a potion to allow anyone to breath underwater for an hour, this is also why they are so valuabe. Their value varies from 20 to 35 gold pieces.

Hunter Slime[edit]

A hunter slime's slimological makeup allows for a natural cloaking ability that renders it completely invisible. They are fierce predators.

Appearance. Hunter Slimes are brown and since they adapted to imitate feline predators they have cat ears with black stripes on them.
Slimological Makeup. Hunter Slimes somehow developed a natural ability to become totally invisible at any time. You can't become invisible while attacking, but can activate it again right after performing an attack. Due to only avoiding vision with their invisibility, and not the sense of hearing, hunter slimes train to become silent stalkers, becoming proficient in Stealth.
Carnivorous predator. Hunter Slimes adapted themselves through hunting to become a special kind of slime who is a fierce predator. This gives them Survival and Investigation proficiency, but since they're carnivores, they can only eat meat. If they eat any vegetable or fruit they still feel hunger and become poisoned taking damage equal to their Constitution modifier per hour for a total of 6 hours.
Natural Hunter. As this slime is a natural Hunter, you get faster as you gain experience in following your preys. You gain an additional of 5ft. to your walking speed when you reach levels 5, 10, 15, 20.
Hunter Plort. Hunter plorts can be used to make someone invisible for 1 minute, they are very desired for this which greatly increased their market value. Their value varies from 30 to 45 gold pieces.

Quantum Slime[edit]

Quantum Slimes appear to have resulted from some sort of event that took place in Ancient Ruins long ago. At all times, the quantum slime is capable of emitting other possible realities of their being, Called 'ghosts'. These other realities can come true, with the quantum slime aligning with the reality of the ghost, effectively teleporting.

Appearance. Quantum Slimes are dark yellow slimes with a light yellow spiral drawned in their bodies.
Quantum ghost. Quantum ghost is a skill that somehow allow the Quantum slimes to create a ghost of themselves from other realities and change places with this ghost, teleporting to where the ghost is. Creating the ghost is a free action, but teleporting to it consumes a bonus action. The ghost can be seen by anyone but can't interact with our reality, it works as an illusion.
Quantum plort. Quantum plorts are very useful since they can be used to give anyone the ability to teleport 30ft. once to any direction. Their value varies from 25 to 40 gold pieces.
Herbivorous. You only eat plants.

Rock Slime[edit]

Rock slimes earned their name from the rocky crown of sharp spikes atop their slimy bodies. But their affection for minerals doesn't end with their appearance: rock slimes are strict vegetarians, favoring the satisfying crunch of the heart beet most of all.

Appearance. Rock Slimes are dark blue and have rock spikes on their bodies.
Improved natural armor. Even though Rock Slimes have a gelatinous body they are also pretty though. Your AC becomes equal to 15 + your Constitution modifier (Rounded up). But you are also heavier than normal slimes, adding 80lb to your weight.
Rolling Spiked Ball. Rock Slimes tend to roll for fun, but this can cause some serious trouble due to their hard rock spikes. You can roll to gain +10 feet of movement speed, but you can only go in one direction while doing this. If you collide with something you deal 2d6 damage to it. (This does not count as an attack action)
Rock Plort. Rock plorts contain some minerals inside them that are sought by blacksmiths and geologists. Their value varies from 5 to 70 gold pieces.
Herbivorous. You only eat plants.

Table of metals inside the plort

If the plorts aren't opened by a blacksmith or geologist, roll with disadvantage.

Dice Metal/Mineral AC Ingot Value per Ingot
1 Rock 0 30 0
2~4 Bronze 18 1 3 sp.
5~9 Bronze 18 2 3 sp.
10 Bronze 18 4 3 sp.
11~14 Iron 19 1 4 sp.
15~19 Iron 19 2 4 sp.
20 Iron 19 3 4 sp.
21~24 Cold Iron 20 1 4 sp.
25~29 Cold Iron 20 2 4 sp.
30 Cold Iron 20 3 4 sp.
31~34 Copper 16 5 5 sp.
35~39 Copper 16 8 5 sp.
40 Copper 16 10 5 sp.
41~44 Steel 19 2 4 gp.
45~49 Steel 19 4 4 gp.
50 Steel 19 5 4 gp.
51~54 Silver 17 2 5 gp.
55~59 Silver 17 4 5 gp.
60 Silver 17 5 5 gp.
61~64 Electrum 20 1 25 gp.
65~69 Electrum 20 2 25 gp.
70 Electrum 20 4 25 gp.
71~74 Gold 15 1 50 gp.
75~79 Gold 15 2 50 gp.
80 Gold 15 4 50 gp.
81 ~84 Platinum 20 1 500 gp.
85~89 Platinum 20 2 500 gp.
90 Platinum 20 4 500 gp.
91~94 Mithral 21 1 2500 gp.
95 Mithral 21 2 2500 gp.
96~99 Adamantine 23 1 5000 gp.
100 Adamantine 23 2 5000 gp.

Boom Slime[edit]

Boom Slimes are often heard before they're seen. The slime cells of a boom slime are constantly vibrating, causing their slime to increasingly crackle with energy before ultimately exploding. The boom slime always comes out unscathed, though always a little dazed.

Appearance. Boom Slimes look like they are made of magma, unable to melt anything, but they can blow it up! They turn grey after exploding and take a minute to recover their original magmatic appearance.
Boom!. As the name suggests, Boom slimes can explode against anything that they grab onto. When you've successfully grappled a target, You must spend the rest of your turn charging your explosion before you can use this feature. You explode on the beginning of your next turn, dealing 4d6 + your Con modifier damage in a 5' radius centered on the grappled target, becoming incapacitated for one turn afterwards, turning grey in color, but unconsciously maintaining your grapple.
Boom plort. The boom plorts contain an explosive material inside them that goes Boom! when in contact with air. They are usually used as bombs, being thrown at their targets and breaking the crystal, making the material inside of it explode dealing 2d6 damage in a 5' radius. Their value varies from 20 to 40 gold pieces.
Carnivorous. You only eat meat.

Crystal Slime[edit]

Believed to be a cousin of the rock slime, the crystal slime is covered in a crown of shimmering, crystal spikes. These spikes seem to form from the crystal slime generating a tremendous amount of internal heat and warping the minerals around them; a truly bizarre behavior.

Appearance. Crystal Slimes have a dark purple color with shimmering crystal spikes in their bodies. They are very similar to the Rock Slimes.
Natural armor. Even though Crystal Slimes have a gelatinous body they are also pretty though. Your AC becomes equal to 15 + half of your Con modifier (Rounded up). But you are also heavier than normal slimes, adding 40lb to your weight.
Crystal spikes. The crystal slime routinely creates large patches of dangerous crystals in the environment around them. These can be used to imprison enemies, causing them to have to perform an Athletics or Acrobatics check to get out. The DC of this check = 1d20 + your Constitution modifier. After 2 turns the crystals will simply break.
Crystal plort. Their Plorts are different from the others. They do not contain something inside, being totally made of shimmering crystals, and are much more resistant than other plorts, which can simply break if dropped on the ground. They are very often used to create jewels for accessories because of their shimmering appearance. Their value varies from 20 to 60 gold pieces.
Omnivorous. You can eat plants or animals.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 0″ + 80 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

6′ 0″ + 120 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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