Sliding Serpent Attack (3.5e Feat)

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Sliding Serpent Attack [<!-Feat Types (General, Fighter, etc.)->][edit]

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Prerequisite: Dexterity 17, Constitution 14, Run, lightning Reflexes, Combat Reflexes.
Benefit: This ability is a feat and a special ability available to the Hero. Like the brief description on the Hero class page, you are able to slide and attack opponents. The distance you can slide is equal to your move speed, double down hill at no more then 45 degree angle, after charging at your opponents for at least 15 feet or 10 for small creatures. You can charge your full movement to slide an extra 5 feet, 10 feet down hill, per Constitution Modifier, if you have none you don't benefit from the added distance. While sliding you can attack enemies with in your reach as if they were leaving your surrounding space and provoke an Attack of Opportunity, like Combat Reflexes. You do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity while sliding, but end up prone at the end of your slide. If you have the Prone Attack feat and make a successful hit on the last enemy you can roll or flip to a standing position at the end of your slide. You do not suffer the negatives you do prone while sliding only after the attack and if you don't have prone attack.

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