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sleeper agent[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Resembling various humanoid races, their constant distinguishing feature is their faces being covered in various types of colorful face paint and being in various thick plush outfits with various sewn on outfits. Sleepers and outfits tend to be incredibly diverse but will generally be very inviting and intricately detailed including the outfits, usually being all sorts of odd creatures, with the outfits seeming to indicate a profession or what that sleeper agent likes doing the most, though this is not always the case. Face paint tends to be quite diverse as well, usually colorful and eye catching with some symbol found as part of the face paint, usually on the forehead or cheek


A very young race, only in it's first decade or so, they have mostly kept to themselves, enjoying life and the beauty of nature and magic, occassionally trading with other races. Their communities are usually found in nature, usually in often avoided or abandoned locals and tend to be at least a whole day's travel from another civilization if not more so. Sleeper agents usually have a fairly rich history of fables and fairy tales, often used to tell morals and inspire others of their kind. They don't mind any terrain being able to see the positives in it and also don't have any explanation for their sleepers or race not really having much to go on due to their amnesiec nature. They have proven consistently friendly and a bit curious in their own interactions with other races and have proven excellent chefs and willing to go exploring to see new places, hear new legends and to get new things


Organized into a council of chosen officials for settlement leadership, they often choose their protectors and make sure their communities are self sufficient so they can survive on their own. They sometimes trade with other nearby villages but this is rather rare given their isolation. Sleeper agents tend to usually be followers rather than leaders in groups like adventuring parties and mainly focus on supporting themselves and those around them. Adventuring parties finding their communities can happen and they often don't understand why these travellers don't stay longer. They use their magic to support others, focusing on various ways to help their groups be more efficient. They generally are open to trade with other races and are usually likely to hire an adventuring band to deal with savage races that are threatening them after they have exhauted peaceful options. Cooking is regarded highly amongst the race and many sleeper agents are excellent chefs themselves or great at crafting items, both of which they use to support their community around them

Sleeper agent Names[edit]

Names for sleeper agents tend not to have major differences between male and female names with last names being more like nicknames or titles. First names in sleeper agents tend to be short and to the point

male names: alex, jack, ken, Sam

female names: jess, konan, emyrs, jane

last names: lionpaw, sunmoon, irontail, icefang

sleeper agent Traits[edit]

|summary=cute cuddly and amnesic magic users |abilities=Your cha score increases by 1, your int score by 1 and your con score increases by 1. |age=sleeper agent's tend to be adults at age ten and live up to 350 years |alignment=sleeper agents can be of any alignment but tend towards neutral or good alignments |size=sleeper agents choose their size at first level, being medium or small sized |speed=Your base walking speed is 25 feet. trait1= magic power description: you have advantage on saves against magical effects trait2= past life description2= at first level, choose another race, you are also treated as that race for effects when it is beneficial for you trait3= magically attuned description3= constant detect magic trait4= thick plush description4= you gain a +2 bonus to ac languages= You can speak, read, and write Common and two other languages of your choice.


1: I've never met another race before and find that they don't wear sleepers as odd 2: I enjoy helping others and I'm always cheerful 3: I start the day with a big laugh and a smile 4: Magic fascinates me and I enjoy studying it 5: I tend to enjoy getting physically close to people 6: I enjoy personalizing everyone's outfits

reason for adventuring

1: I wanted to learn more about the history of our race and adventure to find those answers 2: a group of adventurers came to my town and I followed them to see what they were doing 3: I got lost in the wilderness surrounding my village and I can't seem to find my way back 4: I found a odd item near my village and want to return it to it's rightful owner

ideal 1: friendship is a potent tool for good 2: I believe in my fellow adventurers skill 3: magic is a invincible shield and a unbreakable sword 4: I believe a strong community should help others


1: I trust my friends and want to help them 2: I like helping my family both real and adventuring family 3: I see magic as a incredibly versatile and helpful tool 4: I help others who clearly need it 5: I believe everyone needs help eventually 6: I enjoy doing work to keep busy


1: I'm awful at deception 2: I've never known hunger and thirst and eat and drink constantly 3: I'm innocent and sheltered to the point of naiviety 4: I use magic for everything even if it's not needed 5: I'm rather trusting of my friends 6: I tend to be quite obsessed with fashion and style 7: I enjoy finding out about all types of magic to the point of obsession 8: I am very curious about others to the point of being too nosy

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