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Slaying Sway (3.5e Feat)

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Please Note[edit]

Dance Styles for the Gemini Dancer: Includes lesser, improved, and greater in each. Any save DCs are equal to 10 + half the Gemini dancer's class level + her charisma modifier.

Slaying Sway, Lesser [Dance Style]:[edit]

There is no more beautiful symphony than the dying wail of a masterfully killed victim


Gemini Dance, cleave, Gemini Companion


A Gemini Dancer with this feat grants the cleave feat to her Gemini Companion. The companion does no longer deals half damage when it lands a critical hit.

Slaying Sway, Improved [Dance Style]:[edit]


Improved Gemini Dance, cleave, Gemini Companion, Slaying Sway (lesser)


If The Gemini Dancer and her Gemini Companion hit the same foe with the same weapon (the regular and the duplicate) in the same round, they rend the foe doing extra damage equal to your base weapon damage + your charisma bonus. You cannot rend a foe more than once per round, but you may rend multiple foes in a round. This extra damage does not multiply on a critical hit. example: if both hit with a +1 scimitar, the target is rended for 1d6+CHA damage.

Slaying Sway, Greater [Dance Style]:[edit]


Greater Gemini Dance, Gr. cleave, Gemini Companion, Slaying Sway (Improved)


A Gemini Dancer with this feat grants the Gr. cleave feat to her Gemini Companion and if either score a critical hit during a round in which the target would be rended (see improved dance style), the rend damage is equal to double the base weapon damage + double your Charisma.

Slaying Sway, Perfect [Dance Style]:[edit]


Perfect Gemini Dance, Slaying Sway (Greater)


When Dancing, Gemini Dancer with this feat who successfully rends a foe with the improved dance style feat has a chance of instantly killing the foe. If the rended foe fails a fortitude save, he or she dies instantly

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