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Skill challenges are all based on the Standard Skill DC found in the Dungeon Dash Rules. Roll a <insert die type> to determine the challenge.

Table: Skill Challenges
Challenge Name Skills Required Description Roll
Blade Runner Tumble You must tumble through an array of spinning blades to deactivate them to complete the challenge.
Bucking Bronco Ride A mean looking bull glares from the back of the room. Somebody has to stay on him for 30 seconds.
Cliff Face Climb A rope lowers down into a pit, and a cliff face on the other side of the pit must be climbed.
Dying Soldier Heal A soldier cannot receive magical healing and is dying. He must be healed.
Floating Eye Hide A floating eye will shoot a laser beam at anyone it sees.
Golden Idol Sleight of Hand A gold idol sits on top of a pedestal. It must be swapped with a rock otherwise a trap triggers.
Grand Chasm Jump A huge chasm must be leaped.
Lasso Challenge Use Rope A moving pole must be roped.
Piano Tune Listen The room has an echo and you must figure out which direction piano playing is coming from.
Quicksand Patches Survival Certain patches of this room are quicksand. Get to the other side without falling in.
River Swim A fast flowing river flows through the room. Swim to the other side against the current.
Sleeping Wyrm Move Silently Somebody has to sneak by the Dragon in order to press a button to cage it.
Tame the Wolverine Handle Animal A crazy wolverine needs to be calmed down to pass this room.
Tight Rope Walk Balance A tight-rope hangs across a pit. The rope must be crossed 4 times in order to get the prize.
Time Bomb Room Open Lock A complicated locked box contains a magic grenade. The party has 1 minute until detonation.
Web Room Escape Artist The room is covered in webs and must be traversed before the giant spider arrives.
Which Cup is it In? Spot A ball starts under a cup, and the set of cups move around quickly. Which cup is the ball under?

The table is sorted alphabetically. Click on a challenge to read the full description.

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