Skill Challenge: Tight Rope Walk (Dungeon Dash Supplement)

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Tight Rope Walk[edit]

You enter a room that has a 10 foot deep pit with 2 wooden pegs on either side. A rope suddenly appears, tied to the two pegs, spanning the pit. A sign in front of the pit reads: "The rope must be traversed from end to end four times in order to get the prize".

Associated Skill: Balance

Retry: Yes

Failure Result:

  • Very Easy - 3 Fall Damage per 5 EL
  • Easy - 6 Fall Damage per 5 EL
  • Normal - 9 Fall Damage per 5 EL
  • Hard - 12 Fall Damage per 5 EL
  • Very Hard - 15 Fall Damage per 5 EL
  • Impossible - 25 Fall Damage per 5 EL

Description: A total of 4 successful passes across the rope must be made. Each pass requires a single balance check. Failure indicates that the character falls into the 10 foot deep pit. They take damage based on the room challenge and the dungeon EL. A slow fall ability negates damage by 3 per 5 EL for every 10 feet of slow fall (to a maximum of 15 fall damage reduced). If a character falls down, they may climb back up the ladder as a full-round action.

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