Skill Challenge: Grand Chasm (Dungeon Dash Supplement)

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Grand Chasm[edit]

You enter a room that has a chasm that seems infinitely deep spanning the length of the room. A sign nearby says: "The chasm must be jumped 3 times to get the reward. Every time a failure happens however, it will get harder.

Associated Skill: Jump

Retry: Yes, gets harder

Failure Result:

  • Very Easy - 10 ft. fall per 5 EL
  • Easy - 20 ft. fall per 5 EL
  • Normal - 30 ft. fall per 5 EL
  • Hard - 40 ft. fall per 5 EL
  • Very Hard - 50 ft. fall per 5 EL
  • Impossible - 60 ft. fall per 5 EL

Note: Falls have no max cap for damage for this challenge

Description: A total of 3 successful jumps across the chasm must be made. Each jump is a single jump check, which can be all done by the same character or done by 3 party members. Failure indicates that the character falls into the chasm and reappears on the side they started from. They take damage based on the room challenge and the dungeon EL. The slow fall ability can only reduce the damage by a maximum of 10d6. Each time a failure occurs, increase the DC of the jump by 2 since the chasm widens.

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