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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

Each of the two bracelets turns one limb into two. When both are equipped you may interact with your environment twice per round as bonus actions, assuming both those extra hands are free.

  • You may use both hands to hold two extra weapons, but this does not necessarily grant you any additional weapon attacks. Alternatively, you may hold other items, such as ammunition.
  • You may use four hands to wield two two-handed weapons.
  • You may use all four hands to wield one oversized weapon as if you were a large creature.

You may also equip the Shiva Bracelets to your legs to duplicate them. This has no benefit.

If you equip a Shiva Bracelet to your neck, you must make a Constitution save with a DC of 15 every round or take 1d4 force damage. Your head explodes when reduced to 0 HP in this way.

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