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Shirai Ryu[edit]

                                                                        "Shirai Ryu do not run. We Fight."


Shirai Ryu typically spend there day either training or meditating. Occasionally there are clan members whom seek out those who oppose the clan (e.g. Lin Kuei members).

Physical Description[edit]

Average Height: 5' 11" - 6' 2" for males. 5' 5" - 5' 8" females.

Average Weight: 161 - 199 lbs for males. 151 - 189 lbs for females.

Hair Color: Black or similar

Skin Color: As human

Eye Color: Dark Brown. Sometimes even looks like one big pupil.

General Build: Rather Muscular for males, very lean for females.


Shirai Ryu normally get along with other races, except the Lin Kuei.


Any Alignment.


Numbering in the thousands, they covered the surface of the Pyramid of Argus awaiting Scorpion's command. It seems that Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion) was now the absolute leader of his people.


The Shirai Ryu do not have a particular religion.


Shirai Ryu can speak Common and Infernal.


Names are normally of Japanese origin but a title is given to them. This Title is what most people know them by. Sometimes in rare occasions they might forget their own name because it is never used.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Shirai Ryu are immune to Fire Damage.
  • +4 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con: The Shirai Ryu are wise people although they do not benefit from it much.
  • Humanoid (Flame): The Shirai Ryu are capable to use Fire with their abilities to improve them as if they controlled fire.
  • Medium size, no bonuses or penalties apply
  • Shirai Ryu base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Gains Knowledge (Plains) as class skill.
  • They are able to go to the Plane of Fire at will. They can comeback relatively anywhere as if they had Plane Shift.

Special Abilities: Can only be activated once combat has commenced. Each of the Shirai Ryu's abilities can be enhanced. A Shirai Ryu can only have a maximum of 3 enhancement points. One enhancement point is gained by dealing 30 total damage, and one point is expended every time you enhance an ability. A maximum of 3 points can be spent per round. All points and progress towards a point are lost once combat has ended.

  • Flameport: A Shirai Ryu may use Flameport to teleport behind an enemy, causing them to be Flat-Footed (there can be an exception which could be Uncanny Dodge, or anything that lets you not be caught Flat-Footed), and take an additional 1d6 fire damage if enhanced.
  • Takedown: A Shirai Ryu trips his opponent with a leg scissor takedown. Reflex save DC:(10 + Character Level + Dex Mod) to avoid the attack. If enhanced the Shirai Ryu's leg become engulfed in fire dealing an additional 2d4 fire damage. This does not apply to airborne enemies. Enemies caught by this attack are sent prone along with you. If the enemy passes the DC then you are still prone.
  • Air Throw: If both you and an enemy are in the air you can make a grapple check and if you succeed then throw him to the ground. If enhanced when you throw him to the ground you come down on top of him dealing an extra 1d4 damage.
  • Hellfire: The Shirai Ryu summons Fire at the enemies feet dealing 1d6 fire damage and catch your enemies on fire. Reflex save DC: (10 + Character Level + Int Mod) for half damage and negation of catching on fire. If enhanced deal an extra 1d6 per 2 Int Mod. (If a Shirai Ryu had a 22 Int (6 mod) then that person would deal an extra 3d6 if enhanced.)

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