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Shining Shadow: This is an unusually thick, saber-like +1 rapier. It is detailed with strange arcane runes on its hilt and guard, black glyphs on sharply contrasted bone white material. The blade seems to be composed of stark white and pitch black bands which move and flow of their own accord over the surface of where the blade is. When swung, it emanates pale white flames. The blade is partly infused with shadowstuff from the Plane of Shadow.

Shining Shadow grants the following benefits.

  • It vibrates when within 60 feet of a portal leading to the Plane of Shadow.
  • When the bearer travels with the shadow walk spell, they are placed off course only half as far as normal. If the bearer is the caster of the spell, this benefit extends to all creatures travelling with them.
  • On the Plane of Shadow, it becomes a +1 holy rapier and sheds 30 ft. of bright light and 30 ft. of shadowy illumination beyond that. This magical light is considered to be a 5th level spell for the purpose of countering darkness.

Moderate illusion;CL 11th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; shadow evocation, shadow walk;; Cost 4,500 gp + 360 XP; Market Price: 320 9000 gp

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