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Shifting [Power]

The character can change shape.
Prerequisite: Con 15+, Power (animal control or body control) 6 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: The character can change shape using either the Animal Control or Body Control Power Skills. The effect is determined by the skill used to qualify for this feat.

Animal Control: The character can change into any anima with a DC 10 + the hit die of the animal that you wish to change into. Otherwise this ability is just like the Wild Shape Druid class feature, treating the characters level as his druid level, except as noted here. The character is not limited by the hit die of the animal, the character can use it any number of times per day, and the character does not gain the ability to turn into a plant or elemental.

Body Control: The character can use the Change Self spell, except that the change is not an illusion and permanent until dismissed, with a DC 15 to change as the spell except tactile (touch) is changed as well. DC 25 to also changes audible (sound). DC 35 to mimic the exact appearance of a person including mannerism. DC 45 to mimic the exact appearance of a person including abilities.

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