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Shifter's Blade[edit]

When activated, this +3 anarchic dagger can afflict any living humanoid with lycanthropy. Completely crafted from jade, its handle is delicately carved into a totem of seven animals. The blade simulates the bite attacks of seven lycanthropes each with its own activating command and magical glow. The following are the possible lycanthropic curses and matching glows: Werewolf (white), Weretiger (yellow), Wererat (red), Wereshark (blue), Werespider (violet), Werebat (black) and Werebear (brown). Victims must succeed a DC 15 Fort save or become cursed. The wielder immediately gains control of the afflicted with the same effects of a dominate monster spell excepting any will saves prospecting freedom. Only one lycanthrope of each type is affected this way. Afflicting another of the same type binds the second and frees the first from the control but not the curse. The dagger grants immunity against all lycanthropic curses to its owner. Lycanthropes can sense the dagger’s presence within a one mile radius and have an instinctive understanding of its capabilities. Coming in contact with the dagger causes any creature with the shape-shifter subtype to immediately become stunned for 1d4 rounds and must succeed a DC 20 will save or become unconscious for 2d4 hours. If possession of the dagger is lost, all afflicted remain bound to the weapon until ownership, whether the same person or not, is renewed.

Strong transmutation and enchantment; CL 20; Weight 3 lb.

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