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Shielded Samurai (3.5 Class)[edit]

An Tactical samurai who uses an katana and a Shield.

As an honored and strategic person, the Shielded Samurai research a new fighting style.

Making a Shielded Samurai[edit]

Versatility, Bruiser, Tactical, offensive, infantry, Early Game Advantage.

Abilities: Dexterity and Strength respectively is the most important things

Races: Only Humans and their similar (Vashir, Elves, etc.)

Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil

Starting Gold: 4d12+20

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Katanas and Bows

Starting Age: Moderate

Class Skills[edit]

Wisdom, Truth Power As an Shielded Samurai you can learn any spell and have any subclass while being lawful and doing things with honor.

Strategic Shield: The Strategic arm shield can parry any weapons incoming attack by passing in the Dex. Test (8+Enemy Str. Modifier) leaving the enemy with guard down and provoking an opportunity attack and a counter attack dealing 3d6+Dex Modifier of damage (only works one time per enemy)

Air Precise Blast While in Air the Shielded Samurai can spot weak points and attack perforating armor and dealing 2d6+Str Modifier of damage.

Shield Double Jump At 2nd level he can trow the shield on the enemy and jump on it to get altitude and confuses the enemy.

Shield Dash At 2nd level the Shielded Samurai turns more confident, can run forwards with the shield in the front knocking down the first who it hits.

Strategic Position at 4th level he learns the new technique, standing in the position with the shield and the sword on top of it ready for any upcoming attack, Blocking the next attack and dealing 2d6+Str Modifier of damage.

Defensive Offence at 5th level he will defend with his shield every time while attacking.

Ex-Shielded Samurais[edit]

Committees Seppuku

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