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The shield of Hashie a large tower shield that almost seems to drift back and forth between this realm and the ethereal one. It is made of astral driftmetal and gives 25% chance of blocking incorporeal attacks. It also grants the following continuous effects to the wearer:

  • Shield, as the spell (Note that the shield bonus granted by this effect does not stack with the shield bonus granted by the tower shield itself. However, it applies fully against incorporeal touch attacks and protects against magic missile in the manner of the Shield spell)
  • Mage Armor, as the spell
  • Shield of Faith, as the spell

In addition, five times per two weeks, the user can cast Stoneskin at a caster level of 7.

Prereq: Craft Magic Arms & Armor(Spell Compendium), Mage Armor Shield Shield of faith Stoneskin Cost to Make:18,000gp plus cost of shield and 700 XP, taking 18 days to complete.

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