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Shark Fang: This weapon is a +3 dispelling greatsword with Summon small water elemental as a spell-like ability. Shark Fang is an overtly large sword but seems to weigh much less than it should.

the Shark Fang is an oddity. this blade seems to be made of Sharks Teeth set into a large piece of Mithral which is straight and has a gradual curve to a rounded point. the teeth are also made of mithral and are set in a downward angle from the tip pointing towards the guardless hilt. the hilt seems to be warped in sharks skin with a small metal skull for a pommel.

Shark Fang can use the ability Dispel Magic once per round as the spell Dispel Magic with a max range of 100 feet.

Shark Fang is able to call upon water elementals to aid its wielder in battle for up to 5 times per day. only one water elemental can be summoned at any one time by this affect. the elemental has the stats of a normal small water elemental. to summon a water elemental takes the place of your attack that round.


The Shark Fang was said to be made by a legendary blacksmith who was said to have made this weapon for a group of weapons masters who consisted of 7 experts in their specific weapons. this was made for a man who was trained in a style where he would slowly destroy the enemy by "shaving" off their flesh with this weapon. he was praised as the groups counter to those with magical abilities. it was even said this man was a were-shark which is the reason believed for this weapons motif. after his death his weapon was passed down with in his family as an heirloom till it was lost in a raid of the family's home. since then the blade has been spotted here and there. this blade has no sheath but is wraped in magical cloth strips that will wrap and unwrap the blade and will also wrap around the wielders torso as to aid in its carrying with just a simple mental command from its controler. while warpped the blade cannot cut but deals its damage as bludgoning instead of slashing.

It is said that there are a few blacksmiths who have had the privilege to have examined the blade and understand it to the point of recreation. though few and far between there are stories of blacksmiths who were apprentices of those original smiths and have inherited the making of the massive sword themselves.

CL ; ; Weight: 25 lb.; Market Price: 66,000 gp

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