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Shao Kahn[edit]

There is no symbol for Shao Kahn the Conquerer, only death

Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Death, War
Divine Rank. Vestige

Shao Kahn wasn't a deity until he had conquered all of Eberron. He had found magical crystals deep in cave systems and while pillaging mage towers. The crystals had the power to harbor a soul of any size. He gathered as many as possible and take as many people's and creatures' souls as he could. He had ruled nearly all of Eberron and was revered as a god. His savage ways made people bow before him, just by him looking at someone else. He was cruel and had no limits. If anyone defied his world, they were tortured for years until he killed them personally.

This god was the first "weapon summoner". He was able to summon a hammer that he would use popularly, and is what he's most known for. His iconic symbol. He would also summon spears and throw them as hard as he could with pin-point precision. After conquering Eberron, he didn't know what to do with all of the souls he had captured. They were all stored away in vaults, so he broke the vaults and barely lived through the process. He used the souls to create a new breed of humanoid, a weapon summoner. The power flowed through the veins and only a fraction of a fraction of people could harness this power. It was stronger in some, than others. After doing this, he nearly died in that process, but barely lived. He used this new "race" to rule with an iron fist. But, the civilians of his empire rioted, along with the weapon summoners. They used their powers against him. He was quickly defeated, but he retreated to the elemental plane.

Only few people actually got to see Shao Kahn during his savage rule. Many say he looked like a king, but some said he was too barbaric to rule anything. Those few never lived to see the end of his rule. The Shao Kahn templars wear the face of a skull with two long horns protruding from the top of it. They would were a harness as a top and a knight's skirt with sandals. They try to look as much like Shao Kahn as they possibly can. They don't wear shoulder pads, braces, or greaves because they believe that those are sacred to Shao Kahn. Those who follow Shao Kahn are never clerics, but typically fighters and weapon summoners. This is because these people wish to conquer and have great power. The templars that worship Shao Kahn stow away in caves, because it is believed that evil should be hidden until the start of conquering.

This is associated with the weapon summoner class

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