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The kukri, Shadowstabber, was created for Ivelliust (a bandit elf from my campaign) by military leaders of Crystallia (an island from my campaign) because of his outstanding performance on a strike force. This is of a set of two weapons that once aquired deal more magical properties.

The Shadowstabber adds +2d6 sneak attack/suddenstrike damage due to the Ambush (Book of Roguish Luck) and the Deadly Precision (Magic Item Compendium) abilities. It also adds +1d6 damage to living (which is healed to the weilder) due to the Vampiric effect (MIC). The critical range is doubled(16-20/X2) for this weapon due to the keen effect (Dungeon Master's Guide). Once per day the weilder can attack from a shadow, adding a five foot range and catching the target flat-footed(thus dealing the extra sneak attack/suddenstrike damage), due to the Shadowstrike ability (MIC). The weapon also adds 1d6 acid damage and takes a -1 penalty to the opponents AC for the next round due to the Greater Acid Assult Augmentation Crystal.

Shadowstabber (Kukri - Market Value 43,308gp) [+2d6 Sneak Attack, +1d6 vs. living creature (extra damage dealt is healed), +1d6 Acid Damage (-1 AC next round on a hit), Double critical range, Once per day you strike from your shadow (+5 ft range, enemy denied dex bonus)][ Ambush, Deadly Precision, Vampiric, Shadow Strike, Keen, Greater Acid Assault Crystal]

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