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Weapon (longsword), artifact (Spend the period of one short rest of Duel wield Training with Shadowgenesis)

Shadow rend is a Jet black blade that turns a dark crimson towards the tip that emits a Shadowy red aura and continually consumes the shadows that are constantly surrounding it. There is a black cloth hanging off the pommel that is shaped like a dragons head. On the Blade near the hilt is the Engraving of a dragon with the elements below it.

Bloodlust- wielder will often experience bloodlust during combat that wont stop until all enemies are slain and will sometimes persist after the fighting is done, to end this effect you must roll a d20, fail and the wielder will be forced to seek out additional enemies, when they break out of this they will recall nothing of what happened

-Kagaku (Shadow arc)- An arc of magic emitted from the blade when slashing that does 5d10 elemental damage, that appears black that you choose in the morning of each in game day, once every hour, Distance is 300’

-Kagida (Shadow Tear)- Extra d10 damage against undead or Demonic Creatures

-Kageau (Shadow Rend)- Any undead or Demonic creature below 100HP or 10% must succeed on a constitution saving throw or be torn apart and instantly killed.

-Kageki (Shadow Blood)- Sacrifice (?)d10 of Health to boost any one ability for one hour by 50% for every two rolls past the

Shadowrend gets a +5 to any attack or Damage Roll made with it. It is a Versatile, Finesse, Slashing Katana. with one hand it deals 1d8+ability modifier(DEX/STR)+proficiency+5+absorb health. Or 1d10+ability modifier(DEX/STR)+proficiency+5+absorb health, two handeded
Random Properties. The Shadowrend has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Sentience. Shadowrend is a True Neutral blade with an Intelligence of 29, Wisdom of 28, and Charisma of 21. He has hearing out to 50', true-sight out to 15' and darkvision out to 40' as well as understand and read Abyssal, Primordial, and Common. However it can only communicate Telepathically with his wielder.
Personality. Honestly this guy does not given two shits, Likewise he doesn't really care what you call him, as when prodded he will admit that he doesn't remember it or his past before waking up as he is now and doesn't care to know. However he will like anyone his sister Shadowgenesis does. When asked for advise he will reveal an encyclopedic mind and will freely give his opinion, but if he says anything without provocation it is generally best to shut up and listen. He will not weigh in on either side of an argument without getting all possible facts beforehand.

first roll. Example: normal=10%, boost by tier one or one roll =15%, boost by tier two or 3 rolls =20%. WARNING: you can fall unconscious or even die using this ability

Destroying the Shadowrend. To destroy this weapon you would have to separate it from Shadow Genesis and drop it in a Volcano after washing it in the blood of an Elder Chroma Dragon [1]

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