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Shadoweave Armor Set
Armor Pieces Armor Type Magical Enhancement Enchantments Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Hardness Weight
Shadoweave Hood Masterwork, Light AC Bonus +1 +5 bonus to Lockpicking +6 +0 +15% +2 1 lbs.
Shadoweave Armor Masterwork, Medium AC Bonus +2 Poison Resistance 10 +6 +0 +15% +5 5 lbs.
Shadoweave Gloves Masterwork, Light AC Bonus +1 Sneak Attack does double damage. +6 +0 +15% +2 1 lbs.
Shadoweave Boots Masterwork, Medium AC Bonus +1 +5 bonus to Hide and Move Silently +6 +0 +15% +2 2 lbs.
  1. Movement speed is affected by weight, not by the typing of the armor, per rules in a Tales of Vorrelia campaign.
  2. The Magical Enhancements and Enchantments are only applied when wearing the full set, if a character mix-n-matches with different armors then none of the bonuses of this armor set applies.
  3. Only the bonuses from Magical Enhancement to AC is accumulative, all other bonuses remain separate on armor pieces.

Shadoweave Armor is specially treated leather that has been soaked in a viscous fluid-like solvent known as "Lamenta" which is lucid black-like ink that has a similar texture to tree sap and is told can only be harvested by someone already dead or born from the River Styx. The armor is a Light Gray with many shadowy hues, designed with many straps and buckles running down the chest and across the waist. Lamenta is found in very isolated areas of worlds where the Shadow Weave has greater influence then the Weave normally would, and harvested under very controlled conditions by Assassin or Cultist guilds that represent the interest of diabolical deities. The leather requires a month of treatment before being readied for use in armorsmith crafting, which then the material is sold to organizations with smithies or cities aligned with their interests who will set about making Shadoweave Armor for their members and/or clients. It is the only set of armor known to feature a cowl with actual protective leather. The cowl has two variations: one with the face cover, and one without. Each piece of armor is enchanted and engraved with silvery wisp-like coloration designs to add to the mysterious and nefarious nature of the armor's purpose.

Humanoid Nonhumanoid Size
100gp 150gp Small
100gp 150gp Medium
100gp 150gp Large
100gp 150gp None
  1. Prices pertain to each individual piece of armor rather than the total set. A creature that wishes to have armor of this set for them made that doesn't meet the armor's size proficiency will be required to pay triple the value as it is being custom-fitted and will take 1d4 days longer then normal craftsmanship.

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