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Shadow Witch[edit]

The power of the Shadow flows through my viens.

Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai, and Int or Wis of 15 (or higher)

The Raven Queen has blessed you with the dark energies of the night and winter.

Shadow Witch Path Features[edit]

Grave Wounds (11th Level): Spend an Action Point to add 4 Cold and Necrotic damage to your next damage roll.
Winter Step (11th Level): You ignore Difficult Terrain caused by ice or snow.
Eyes of the Raven Queen (16th Level): You gain Darkvision.

Touch of the Raven Queen Shadar-Kai Attack 11
You channel the icy power of death into your enemy.
Encounter Star.gif Cold, Necrotic
Standard Action Melee weapon
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Attack: Strength Vs. AC
Hit: 1 [W] + your choice of 10 ongoing Cold or Necrotic damage (save ends).

Beauty of the Raven Queen Shadar-Kai Utility 12
You channel the terrible beauty of your Goddess into your soul.
Minor Action Personal
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Effect: Add your Charisma Modifier to your Intelligence or Wisdom until the end of the encounter.

Crippling Shadows Shadar-Kai Attack 20
Frozen shadows grip your target's mind and body.
Daily Star.gif Cold
Standard Action Ranged 10
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: Your Level cold damage and target is Stunned (save ends).
Special: Save rolls against this Stun effect take a -2 penalty.

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