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Shadow Lord Medium,Undead/Demon HD20d10+400 (800) DC30 Speed100ft (200ft(flying)(perfect)) Strength(Str)45 +17 Dexterity(Dex)30 +10 Constitution(Con)45 +17 Wisdom(Wis)20 +5 Intelligence(Int)20 +5 Charisma(Cha)18 +4

Description: A shadow lord is a dark creature from the shadow plane that has complete mastery over darkness. You see a medium sized warrior wielding a sword of unfathomable power, you feel darkness,death,chaos, and frozenness in your soul as it approaches you. With an evil hiss, it's skeletal, demonic wings sprout forth.It charges at you at full speed to consume your soul

Alignment: Shadow lord's consist of pure dark energy, because of this, they are generally Chaotic Evil, however they have been known to be Lawful Evil, or of other alignments altogether.

Proficent with all Heavy Armor Proficent with two handed weapons

Abilities: Can ShadowJump indefinitely,Darkness 5/day,Animate Undead,Create Undead,Aura of Darkness,Aura of Ice,Aura of Pain,Aura of Fear

Skills:Intimidate30,Jump60,Climb60,Swim60,Spot40,Search40,Hide40,Move Silently40

Feats:Run,Combat Reflexes,Lightning Reflexes

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