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Shadow Charmer[edit]

“A shadow charmer enjoys brotherhood with the creatures of the night. His emotions cannot be manipulated. Nothing escapes his gaze. He hears and comprehends the secret languages of darkness.” - Brandon Mull

Physical Description[edit]

Shadow Charmers look like their host race.


Shadow Charmers have no history of thier own.


Shadow Charmers are a reclusive people, they try to blend in but their dark nature makes them stick out like a sore thumb most of the time.

Shadow Charmer Names[edit]

Shadow Charmers have the names of their host races.

Male: Bob, Jimmy, other male names based on your host race

Female: Sarah, Candace, other female names based on your host race

Shadow Charmer Traits[edit]

A shadow charmer enjoys brotherhood with the creatures of the night. His emotions cannot be manipulated. Nothing escapes his gaze. He hears and comprehends the secret languages of darkness.
Ability Score Increase. +2 Charisma and +1 Wisdom
Age. Based on your Host Race
Alignment. Mostly Chaotic Evil, Demonic Charmers may tend to go towards Lawful Evil.
Size. Your size is based on your host race.
Speed. Your walking speed is 30ft.
Apathy. You have advantage against spells that would charm you or change your emotions, even magical aritfacts that would effect you in this way.
Evil Sense. You can sense any evil creautures around you within 60 feet.
Shade Walk. When you are in darkness, you are nearly invisible. When using Shade walk it is as if you had cast the spell Pass without a Trace, but you still leave trace of your passage, you get +5 to stealth rolls. Shade Walk has no limit.
Languages. Common, and one dark language (Giant, goblin, abyssal, infernal, deep speech, undercommon, Orc)
Subrace. Demonic Charmer, Necromantic Charmer

Necromanctic Charmer[edit]

Ability Score Increase. The Necromantic Charmer focuses on the Undead, and the way they exist in a constant state of pointless existence. The Necromantic Charmer gets +1 to Constitution.
Undead Authority. The Undead will follow your orders, you can command one Undead creature of a CR of half your level or lower rounded down. This increases to two creatures at 6th level, and three creatrues at 15th level. Any room you walk in will feel cooler (just RP purposes).
Spirit Talk. You can telepathically speak with the Undead if you choose to do so. If you do not say anything to them then they will not know you can hear them. While not "speaking" with them you can hear what they are "saying".

Demonic Charmer[edit]

Ability Score Increase. The Demonic Charmer focuses on the Nine hells and devils. They are interested in the pact with humans and demons. The Demonic charmer gains +1 Charisma
Demonic Kin. Demons will be more willing to help you and be truthful. Any demon that sees you, besides demons above your level in CR, must make DC 15 Charisma save throw or must tell you the truth.
Darkness. You can summon shadows around you. As an action once per short rest you can cast the spell Darkness, this increases to twice at 5th level, three times at 10th level, four times at 15th level, and 5 times at 20th level. For each time it is upgraded, the range increases by 10 ft. Any room you walk in gets noticeably darker.
Sight of the Demon. You have the eyes of a Demon, you gain Devil's Sight out to 80 ft.

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