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Servant of Azrael.

When one dies in the world of Dungeons and Dragons without serving a god, they will most likely suffer the nightmarish fate of becoming a part of the Wall of the The Faithless that surrounds the ever looming City of Judgment. However many fiends, spirits, and all around dark creatures bargain for the souls of those without faith.

One of these is the somber and brooding Azrael. The gods’ chosen angel of death. Azrael appears before the faithless as a tall pale man with long black hair and pitch black holes for eyes. His black halo is crumbling and the little broken pieces of it slowly swirl around his face in suspended motion. His black wings stretch out over the mortal as he offers them a deal.

Azrael will grant the lost soul the chance at any afterlife of their choosing if they do a simple job from him. You see, Azrael gets nourishment, vitality, and power from consuming the flesh of mortals. He will grant his servants this power as well. All they must do is rend the flesh of powerful mortals and bring it to him to increase his power. However, the servant may also share a cut of the ripped of fleshes nutraints. The dark angel’s servant now must travel the mortal realm and rend the flesh of their slain victims, and feast on it grow their and their master’s grim power.

Building a Servant of Azrael.[edit]

The main thing to consider is how exactly your servant deals with their new found job. Do they have a moral code, do they rend they only rend the flesh of those they view as evil. Are they merciful in that they only target the terminally ill or old any dying? Were they used to killing in their past life, or is this a new thing to them?

How do they feel about Azrael. Do they fanatically follow him, loathe him but know he is their only hope, or are they simply indifferent to him? How does their races culture view their task? How do people they know from their previous life feel about this? How does your servant fit in the setting of the campaign? Discuss this and other thoughts with your DM.

As for numbers, you are going to want to focus on mostly intelligence and constitution for this one.

Class Features.[edit]

Hit Points: 1d8 plus intelligence modifier. Hit points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Intelligence modifier after first level.


Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor.

Weapons: Short Swords, Scythes, Sickles, Javelins.

Tools: A game set of your choice.

Saving Throws: Intelligence and Constitution.

Skills: Choose two from, History, Religion, Investigation, Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion

Equipment: You start with the following equipment as well as whatever equipment your background provides.

.Sickle .Fine black clothes. .Dungoneer’s pack or explorer's pack. .Arcane focus.

Table: Servant of Azreal

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