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Sentient Gorillas[edit]


Sentient Gorillas, who call themselves the Gorsha, much like normal gorillas, tend to live in smaller groups. Unlike normal gorillas, they stay with their tribes until they find a mate. Usually the male will relocate to the female's clan. In same-sex relationships, it will often vary, usually with both moving to the least homophobic clan known to them. By and large they do not use advanced technology, but make up for their lack of weaponry with superior strength and natural armor.

Physical Description[edit]

Sentient Gorillas are most like the Eastern Mountain Gorilla, though slightly larger. When standing on two legs they have an average height of around 5'8" and weigh around 520 pounds. They have a thick coat of fur and tough skin. Their sharp teeth often scare, but are largely used for biting as they are herbivores. Gorsha tend to live similar lifespans to Orcs, though with far less death due to violence.


Sentient Gorillas get along decently with other races when necessary, but tend to avoid them. The notable exceptions are the Sylvan Fey and druids, who they often ally with. That said, some Sentient Gorillas will leave their tribes to adventure or get money. This has led to the development of some Gorsha territory, including a few minor kingdoms deep within the jungles.


The Gorsha tend towards neutral, protecting friends and family above all else.


Sentient Gorillas live in remote mountainous jungles and are rarely found anywhere else


Generally speaking the Gorsha worship nature spirits, making sacrifices to the gods of specific rivers, mountains, and forests.


Sentient Gorillas speak Sylvan, and some near elven communities also speak elven. Common is rare, but not unheard of


The Gorsha give names when their infants are around three months old based off of personality and physical traits

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +8 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +8 to climb, +4 Natural Armor, lowlight vision, slam 1d6
  • Monstrous Humanoid (Primate), 4 levels
  • Large: +4 Grapple, -1 Attack, -1 AC, -4 Hide
  • 15 feet bipedal, 30 feet knuckle walk, 25 feet climb
  • Automatic Languages: Sylvan Bonus Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, Goblin, Orcish, Halfling
  • Favored Class: Ranger
  • Level Adjustment: +2

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