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Seed of the Fell Forest: This seed is roughly the size of an acorn, but is imbued with great druidic power. Whenever planted, the seed will grow and animate over the course of 2d4+2 rounds into a full grown treant. When the seed is planted in ground that has previously been enriched with the help of a plant growth spell, the resulting treant comes to life with a +4 enhancement bonus to its Strength and Constitution scores. The treant will serve the one who planted its seed for 10 days or until destroyed or dismissed. If the treant is asked to knowingly perform an act that is harmful to nature or observes its master knowingly perform such an act, it dismisses itself from the master's service (this does not include minor acts like hunting for food or creating a campfire for warmth and shelter). When dismissed, the treant attempts to seek out the spot where it was planted and return to take root there. Sufficiently vile or harmful acts (such as attempting to burn down whole sections of forest) knowingly performed by the master cause the treant to immediately become hostile, at which point it is beyond control.

Moderate transmutation;CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, liveoak, plant growth; Weight: 0 lb.; Market Price: 8,850 gp

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