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Seal of the Lycan: A pentagram pendant of five rare metals all flowing together in the center with brilliantly detailed scenes between the lines. A very fine line of alchemical silver runs along the lines of the pentagram.


For centuries, the Lycanthropic disease has plagued mortals and pseudo-immortals. Most Lycanthropes are consumed by their animal nature, too weak to fight the mental strains, while some have striven to fight it. Few have succeeded at overcoming their affliction were either cured or they found a way to combat the sickness, and even fewer can fully use it to their advantage. Those that have done the latter could not have succeeded without a Seal of the Lycan. Those Lycanthropes who succeed in acquiring one of these amulets are truly blessed for they bestow immense control over the disease.

  • Required Affliction (for bonuses) - Lycanthropy

The Seal of the Lycan only works if worn by a Lycanthrope, whether natural or afflicted.

  • The Mark of Self-restraint - If a Lycanthrope wears the Seal of the Lycan it will allow them to fully control both, their changes (from wounds and from the full moon) and themselves in their Lycanthropic form.
  • The Mark of Free Will - The Lycanthrope need not worry about an alignment change from transforming for the Seal of the Lycan prevents the effect of both temporary and permanent alignment changes.
  • The Mark of Swiftness - The Lycanthrope can change his form as a move action instead of as a standard action.
  • The Mark of Control - The Lycanthrope's possessions meld with his body just like a druid melds with his possessions when he wildshapes. Items that do not have the magical property, Wild, do not grant their bonuses to the Lycanthrope.
  • The Mark of the Wild - The Seal of the Lycan is treated as having the Wild magical property for the purpose of allowing the other affects attached to the Seal of the Lycan.

Should a non-Lycanthrope wear this amulet, even for less than a second, they immediately become infected with Lycanthropy of one of the five most common Lycanthrope types. The curse will only take effect if the wearer of the Seal of the Lycan places it around his neck. Handling the Seal of the Lycan does not infect the holder. A being infected by the Seal of the Lycan cannot benefit from the same amulet; they must seek out another Seal of the Lycan. The bonuses will work for other Lycanthropes that were not changed by the same amulet. The cursed wearer must roll a d% and accept the rolled affliction:

  • Wereboar - 1-20%
  • Wererat - 21-40%
  • Werewolf - 41-60%
  • Werebear - 61-80%
  • Weretiger - 81-100%

The original creator of these amulets worked long and hard, so that he would no longer suffer from his affliction...and even harder so that he would not suffer from wearing the amulet. There are no penalties or balancing factors to a Lycanthrope who wears a Seal of the Lycan. (The +2, +3, or more LA is killer enough, believe me. Plus it is somewhat pricey up until you are about level 10ish.)

Strong (DC 25, 30) Restoration, Transmutation;CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Weight: 0.5 lb.; Market Price: 20,000 gp

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