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Seal of Returning: This item is a set of seals made to pull one object to another. there are two seals to this set: the first is etched onto the item(s) that will be "Teleported". The second seal is on what or where the item that seal two is scribed on will be taken as a dimension door spell(if it is an item such as a ring it is not considered magical). the item will not land where the second seal is but on top of it or if it is a large item then next to it. the person who had this seal commissioned is magically keyed to the item, the person can pass on the keyed items by speaking the command word followed by the new owners name, which will key the new owner of the item.

The Items involved in this are not considered magical but the seals scribed or etched into those items are. the magical key is to faint to actually notice with a detect magic spell.

If the item with seal one on it is destroyed then another item can be marked to function with seal two for by a word of command given to the wielder of the seals and multiple copies of the same item can be marked with seal one which it is then a simple mental thought which item is to be pulled.

Such as an archer can have a large reserve of arrows stashed away in their mounts saddlebags each scribed with seal one and they then have a glove marked with seal two, which will allow the archer as a free action can cause one of the arrows to appear in their hand to fire upon the opponents.

Faint ;CL 4; ; Activation: Mental; Market Price: 4,000 gp

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