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Vehicle, Uncommon (Regular everyday feeding.)

Scorpion Walkers are huge scorpions. They come in different breeds, but the one most commonly used for travel is the Kefreiran Diamondback, while more exotic breeds exist and are sometimes used by royalty. Most other breeds are undomesticated and will attack at will if bothered. However, they can also be domesticated by skilled Scorpion Walker trainers. Scorpion Walkers have the following statistics. They may vary between breeds, and those changes can be made by the DM.


Huge 35 hit points 30 walking speed 14 armor class ((natural) Specially made armor can be equipped to boost this stat) 21 str 3 dex 2 int 0 char 1 wis 16 con The rider may will the creature to use a below skill verbally, or if the Scorpion Walker and the rider have a strong bond, telepathically.


Sting. When this attack is used, a single target within 10 feet of the Scorpion Walker's giant stinger takes 3d6 piercing damage and 2d8 poison. If the target fails a DC 12 Constitution saving throw, it becomes poisoned until cured. Tackle. When this skill is used, a single target within the Scorpion Walker's range of sight is charged by the Scorpion Walker

Credit to GleamingScythe on DeviantArt

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