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Pronounced skwee-ree-yan

Physical Description[edit]

"The Rodents" by Johannes Holm

The scuirian are a very easily spottable race, humanoid squirrel-like beings that have either bright orange, shimmering grey, or glossy black fur. Large pointed ears protrude from the top of their heads and are often crested with tufts of fluff; their tails are usually larger than the majority of their body.


Scuirian are a race of humanoid forest dwelling people that ages ago were blessed by the Goddess of Nature for being such devout and caring protectors of the land they lived with, the Goddess saw it fit to give them the agility of squirrels. This blessing was not without its drawbacks like large fluffy tails, full body fur, slightly elongated muzzles, enhanced curiosity and the predisposition to leap before even thinking to look, This has lead the race into a countless number of unfortunate and historical mishaps but due to their sweet nature and the love other races have for them, the events usually end amicably.


Usually keeping to tight knit communities of tree cities and other such dwellings, scuirians stick mainly to themselves. The ones that do let their hyperactivity guide them end up being highly adored by whatever society or civilization they visit, besides the more xenophobic towns.

Masters of Fluffiness[edit]

Scuirians a long time ago were revered for their adorable personalities, polite and charming nature and their silky soft fur. Many took working positions as mascots, serving staff or general figure heads that never truly wield power but instead made power look cute and harmless. Most people have heard of scuirians and are very welcoming of their race.

Scuirian Names[edit]

Usually being named for the distinct colors of their furs however each name has masculine or feminine qualities so their are still naming conventions.

Male: Red, Greyson, Silver, Ash, Brick, Etc...

Female: Scarlet, Ginger, Midnight, Cherry, Cocoa, Etc...

Scuirian Traits[edit]

Squirrel Humanoid
Ability Score Increase. Dexterity Increases by 1, Charisma Increases by 1
Age. Scuirian Mature at the age of 7 and generally can live up to 60 years old however no real solid numbers can be determined because most die due to clumsy mistakes.
Alignment. Scuirian are almost always chaotic in nature due to their hyperactivity but have no real care for good nor evil
Size. Males and Females share similar heights varying from 3'6" to 5' and have slim athletic builds, with their tails however they weigh close to 120lbs. Size is Small
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet. 40 feet on all fours or climbing.
Naturally Nimble. Your squirrel like form grants you super reflexes and amazing agility, all scuirians are proficient in Acrobatics
Hyperactive. Your speedy heart and love for adventure fuels you, long rests are hard for scuirians and if they spend over 12 hours doing little to no activities they will get restless and will have Disadvantage on all wisdom rolls for the next 12 hours. Its hard to talk sense into a hyperactive scuirian.
Footpads. Due to their squirrel like form scuirian have naturally stronger legs and soles of their feet, any potential fall damage from 100ft or less is halved, just like their squirrel counterparts, they are used to falling off of things.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and Scui, Scui is a language of nose movements, tail flicks and various different squeaks, It is written using elvish alphabet and can be learned by tail-less individuals (substituting the tail movements for slight changes in body language)
Subrace. Choose a subrace, red scuirian, grey scuirian, or black scurian.

Red Scuirian[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Charisma Increases by 1
Naturally Talkative. Red scurian are always talking. As a result, their passive stealth is halved, as is passive perception that relies on hearing.
Slightly Smaller. Though just as fast as their larger brethren, red scurian are always on the small side and therefore count as small creatures
Nimble Wit. You gain proficiency in either deception, persuasion, or performance

Grey Scuirian[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Intelligence Increases by 1
Proficiencies. Tinkers Tools
Mad Science. Once inspiration strikes there's no stopping a squirian, their nimble nature allows them to add their Dexterity modifier to all Tinkering Rolls.

Black Scuirian[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Strength Increases by 1
Flexible Fighters. Once per short or long rest you can make an attack in a normal action but instead of adding Strength or Dexterity you add your Acrobatics Proficiency to the Attack Roll

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Scuirian Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
2′6″ +3d6+6 60lb. × (1d8) lb.

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