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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Scissword 120 gp 2d6 slashing 7 lb. Heavy, two-handed, Special

A greatsword-sized and looking weapon with a particular detail. It is essentially an emormous pair of scissors. The pivot is located in the middle of the guard, and can be covered with metal for protection. Handles have a simple locking mechanism, allowing to use scissword as a basic greatsword. Blades are bipolar, and in closed state resemble a basic greatsword. In an opened state scissword becomes unwieldy, but provides a special means of attack.

  • Special: In an opened state provides to-hit penalty of -2 and lowered damage of 2d4. If an attack landed, a bonus action can be taken to grapple the target with the blades. In this case, the target must make a strength or dexterity saving throw to evade grappling. On a failed save the target is grappled. Only small creatures, or bodyparts of bigger ones can be grappled this way. The target can make Str. or Dex. saves at the start of their turns as normal, the target must still be grappled at the start of your next turn to perform a special attack. If the target is still grappled you may pull the handles, cutting the grappled bodypart. Target receives 1d8 slashing damage and must make Str. save. On a failed save the target's grappled bodypart is cut apart from the body, and it is no longer grappled. On successful save, target receives additional 1d8 slashing damage, and grapple is unaffected. Optionally, each failed dismemberment attempt during a single grapple may yield a bonus chance for following attempts.

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