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Schemer [Archetype][edit]

You always need to find a tactical advantage, regardless of the odds. A good plan can solve any problem. Recommended for players who tend to overthink and overplan everything.
Prerequisite: Int 14+
Benefit: See below
Special: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat you meet the prerequisites.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on HD.

  • 1 HD:

You are naturally suspicious of strangers and non-allies. Against these people, you get +1 to Sense Motive checks, Spot to oppose Disguise and Sleight of Hand checks, and Forgery to oppose other Forgery checks. Additionally, when you anticipate combat (as in, you are aware of the enemies prior to combat) you get a +1 bonus to initiative, whether or not the enemies are surprised. You are calm and confident in a plan - you gain a +1 to Will saving throws whenever you are knowingly going through with a plan made ahead of time. You get an additional +2 to saving throws vs fear under the same circumstances. These bonuses are lost whenever the plan goes too awry to continue. Additionally, a failed plan causes a -2 penalty to Will saves and -1 penalty to initiative (overriding the anticipatory bonus) for the next hour, regardless of whether a new plan is made or not - a failed plan is a disturbing thing, and a schemer will be mildly stunned by such an event. All bonuses (and penalties) listed here stack with others, including each other when relevant.

  • 3 HD:

You gain the extraordinary ability of combat analysis. You may take a full-round action (prompting an attack of opportunity) to watch a foe and analyze them. You must make a concentration check (DC 5 + 1/every 5 feet of distance between you and your target) when declaring this action, or fail to get a good look at them and waste the action. If your concentration or line of sight is broken between your turn and the target's turn, you also fail to analyze. You cannot analyze at the same initiative as the target; you must wait for their next action if you share initiative. If you witness them make an action before your next turn, you gain awareness bonuses for understanding their style. If they are casting a spell, you receive a +1 awareness bonus to saving throws against their spells. If they are engaged in combat, you receive a +1 awareness bonus to AC if they are attacking, and +1 awareness bonus to attack roles if they are being attacked. All of these bonuses are lost the next time you rest or fall unconscious or after 24 hours, and only you may only have analysis bonuses for one creature at any given time. However, you may switch targets and lose the bonuses you had for the first creature. You can reanalyze the same creature to get other bonuses that you missed before. All bonuses listed here stack with others.

  • 8 HD:

Your anticipatory initiative bonus increases to +2, your Will save bonus (but not your fear save bonus) increases to +2, and your skill bonuses increase to +2. You may now analyze as a move action, although it still prompts attacks of opportunity. The concentration DC for combat analysis is reduced to 3 + 1/every 5 feet of distance between you and your target.

  • 15 HD:

Your skill bonuses increase to +3, and you may repeat your combat analysis (or spend a full round on it) for +2 instead of +1 bonuses. If you perform two separate analyses, you must witness the same action twice to gain the double benefit. If you perform only one, any action witnessed automatically grants the +2 bonus. You are also now immune to fear effects whenever you are going through with a plan.

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