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Scepter of Time[edit]

The Scepter of Time is a powerful artifact, currently in the hands of the goddess, Zendra.


The Scepter of Time was created by the goddess, Zendra, for her use only. Any mortal who has ever tried to get this artifact has failed. Zendra never lets the scepter out of her sight and always carries it with her.


  • Stop time at will.
  • Bend a plane's shape. Change what the plane looks like.
  • Take off a few years from the user. Adds to longevity.
  • Charm creatures of 10hd or less. Saving throw is allowed.
  • Travel to any plane. As if teleporting but with no error, at will.
  • Control animals at will.


It looks like any ordinary scepter, except for the fact that it has the Yin-Yang sign, and the Infinite sign engraved in it. It also has a charm (pendant) on it that looks like a bottle along with one that resembles a clock.

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