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Scales of the Old Ones [Racial][edit]

Your natural armor is supernaturally strong.
Benefit: Your natural resistance to damage is unparalleled. Your damage reduction is increased to 10/magic. In addition, you may choose to substitute the damage reduction type for a number of rounds equal to your total character level once a day. For example, an 18th level Reptilian Subtype warrior with this feat will always have the benefit of damage reduction 10/magic. However, when facing off against a magical beast in Aum, the Reptilian Subtype (as a free action) changes the damage reduction type to 10/Psychic. The psychic descriptor lasts for 18 rounds, after which the damage reduction descriptor once again becomes 10/magic. The types available to choose from are: Acid, Necrotic, Poison, Psychic, Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing.
Special: This feat stacks with any damage reduction granted as class abilities, spell bonuses, or other feats and abilities. A Reptilian Subtype’s natural armor bonus stacks with any armor worn.

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