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-70,000 GP

This beautiful scale is charged with incredible magic that can channel the energy of Fire and Ice into one massive spell. One side of the scale feels hot to the touch, meanwhile the other side of the scale feels ice cold. The hot side is comprised of gold and red ruby fragments. The cold side is comprised of silver and blue sapphire fragments.

By building up consecutive uses of Fire or Ice spells, the caster can "Charge Up" the scale and release one spell with a colossal energy boost. The scale also grants some protection from fire an ice when being charged up. Here is how charging up the scale works...

Elemental Charge Up

3 consecutive rounds of casting a fire evocation spell = 1 Ice spell that is maximized, widened, and empowered.

or 3 consecutive rounds of casting an ice evocation spell = 1 Fire spell that is maximized, widened, and empowered.

Device Use Requirements

-ALL THE CASTER'S EVOCATION SPELLS THAT DO NOT CONTAIN FIRE OR ICE ARE INSTANTLY COUNTERED AT ALL TIMES. NO SAVE. The scale does not tolerate any other elements of evocation energy being used by the caster, even if the scale is not currently being charged up.

- the caster must state his intent to use this scale's charge up on the first round it is activated. It can be activated and deactivated with a command word (only from the caster) as a free action.

- the first 3 spells during charge up have all their numeric effects reduced by 1/2 (before saves apply). The lost energy is absorbed into the balance and used for the element shield and the final blast release.

- if the caster uses any spell during the first 3 rounds that does not contain the correct fire or ice element then the scale immediately stops working. All stored energies are harmlessly released and the charge up time is reset.

- the caster uses 1 spell slot as usual to cast the single required spell for each round. All spells must be from the caster's available allotment and cannot come from magic devices. The caster cannot cast more than one spell per round. Even with feats, spells, or magical devices that normally allow it. Only one charge up sequence can occur at a time.

- the final maximized, widened, and empowered spell must be released during the 4th round of charge up or it is lost and the energy is harmlessly released.

- the character using the scale's charge up must have the item on their person. But the scale does not need to be equipped in their hands.

Device Bonuses

- the caster is granted the effects of fire shield or ice shield (sorc/wiz 4)upon starting the first round of charge up. If the first 3 spells are fire he has the fire shield, if the first 3 spells are ice he has the ice shield. Either shield effect lasts for only 4 rounds maximum and stops once the maximized empowered spell goes off, or if the charge up ends.

-after the 3 rounds of successful charge up, the maximized, widened, and empowered behaves just as the meta magic feats describe. The spell does maximum hit dice damage x 150% and is widened by 100%, For example, a fireball from an 10th level caster would deal 90 damage in a 30 ft radius burst. Saves for the spell remain the same.

-The scale itself also grants a +5 to all appraisal checks.

prerequisites to create: CL 16, Craft wondrous item. Cone of Cold, Fire Shield, and Fireball spells must all be known. 1,000 XP. 25,000 GP in raw materials.

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