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Weapon (Any melee weapon), Rare (requires attunement)

This weapon is cursed by Scahrossar, the goddess of pain, torture, sadism and cruelty [1].

  • The weapon is able to convert killing intent into real pain and damage. When the wielder attacks or is attacked with the intent of injuring or killing the target, If the attack were to miss the damage is still rolled and only half the damage is taken as psychic damage.
  • The wielder of this weapon is consider vulnerable to Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning damage, but they can add half damage they take from one attack to their next attack as psychic damage.
  • The wielder cannot become numb to pain through any means, be it medicine, intoxication, magic, unconsciousness, death, ect.
  • Once per long rest, As a bonus action the wielder can chose to self inflict pain upon themselves, the user can expend up their hit die to inflict damage of the weapons type to themselves but also dealing the same amount of damage as psychic damage to all creatures within 20 ft of them.

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