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This setting borrows from Dragonlace, Forgotten Realms, and even a little from Eberron, having access to books from these series is extremely helpful, however if all you have is a PhB, DmG and MM, or even just the SRD you'll be fine. Also I encourage you to buy your books, any revenue WotC sees from 3.5 material may encourage them not to fully abandon those of us who don't use 4th.


Mirìandis, the largest world in the cosmos. Mirìandis was created at the same time as every other world, in darkness the overgod sat, lonely and bored, he created many balls of earth, some soft, some hard, some wet, some cold. The overgod threw each one away, into the void, and there they sat. Mirìandis was no different, it was a wet ball, larger than the rest, nearly 2 AU thick (Astronomical units, the distance from the earth to the sun) Mirìandis was a jewel among the other planets, but still it was nothing without life and light. Eventually life did spread to Mirìandis, a great pulse struck it bringing it the seeds of life, and the pantheonic gods came upon Mirìandis as they did to every cluster of worlds and created a star, for Mirìandis however this was not enough, the star they created was much too small and began to gravitate into Mirìandis. The gods knew then Mirìandis would never cease to be a problem, three lesser stars were crafted by the various forge gods, they made the stars light enough to orbit Mirìandis.

This was the beginning of life on the world, but in a few short years it would all turn to dust.

Player Info

Character Creation
Make a character for Miriandis.
The playable races on Miriandis.
A list of classes available to players.
Feats, Flaws & Traits
Expanded list of feats, flaws, and traits available.
Gear, Equipment and Commerce
Lists of expanded gear and unique items.
Miriandis Magic.


Homebrew Notes
Where are all the elves and druids? In here.
History of Orz to the planar cosmology.
Geography of the World
Locations & Maps.
Religion, The Gods, The Pantheons
Cosmology and the Planes
Additional Information
The factions of Miriandis.

DM Info

What my intentions are for running this game.
Rule 0, .5 and 1.
Bestiary and Monster Races
Monsters and Muntants in the Third Age.
Adventures and Quests
A quick guide to the events of Miriandis.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
Stat blocks, personalities and NPC goals.

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Special thanks to Sleaker from whom I borrowed the Cora campaign's formatting, on which he did excellent work.

As well thanks to Hooper for some of your templates from the Valgora setting, which is also a well crafted setting.

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