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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Virtually any hat, though a red, broadly brimmed, feathered hat is most commonly associated.
Home Plane:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Portfolio: Pleasure and entertainment.
Clergy Alignments: Any non lawful.
Domains: Hats. No standard domains. Sarem lacks power to be able to grant to general clerics (But may have a chosen few he watches).
Favored Weapon: Sarem is not a fighter. If anything most likely unarmed and possibly drunk.
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More information...

Sarem is a very minor deity, who has managed to claim an influence over hats of all kinds. Despite his insignificant domain, he is very popular among all the social classes as being a patron of parties, and as a general excuse to have a good time. The yearly festival of Sarem is a welcome diversion for common folk, a time for good business for merchants (especially wine and hat sellers), and a time to make contacts and climb the social ladder for the upper classes. The streets are filled with people tipping their hats to their neighbors. Was it not for this unusual form of worship, Sarem would likely have lost all influences and powers long ago.


Clergy and Temples[edit]

Sarem typically has no temples, except possibly a shrine in a temple of small gods. There is no official clergy, other than the occasional enthusiast, most likely always seen sporting a hat.

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