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Physical Description[edit]

Sans undertale.jpg

Sans The most laziest person in the underground but the strongest person on earth besides genocide chara so lazy that papyrus has to ask over and over again to CLEAN UP he also knows about other timelines you can see in his fight and can teleport from place to place and also apparently AUs


He's a skeleton Aged 18-27

That's Just it.

Sans Names[edit]

Name: Sans Undertale, Sans Deltarune,classic sans

Sans Traits[edit]

He's the coolest skeleton ever, has multiple jobs so he can have multiple lunch breaks
Ability Score Increase. All your stats are one but hey you're sans so that cool right? Also your attacks are fricken powerful and one has to roll a d100 regardless of the attack to hit you, the d100 must land on 69
Age. You're a skeleton, so you're kinda immortal right?
Alignment. Lawful, Good
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Vision. You have darkvision
Attack and Damage. Your attacks deal 1d10 damage per hit and you can hit 1d4 times per round. All these attacks come from your will to destroy, you don't need any weapons nor start with any except that cool blue jacket you always wear and put your hands in.
Class. You're Sans you don't need a class you're all ready pretty classy.
Humour. You crack the best puns in the entire world (at least you think you do) also your most prized possession are your puns.
Short Cuts. You know all the shortcuts to any town you visit getting to where you want to go takes no more than 5 Minutes.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

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