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Most samurai are reincarnist atheists. Gods does not exist an the Gods are just spirits with illusions of grandeur or Gods exists but are just superficial appeariations of the nirvana concept, or biproducts of the reincarnating cycle that threaten to trap the reincarnist in the profanity of the illusion of life. As religion goes samurai usually practice closed samurai religions or samurai only versions of religions, many are animistic atheists. Animistic atheists believes that all material things are animistic spirits including their own bodies and seek to exterminate their sense of self and absorbed by society and nature into the collectivity of life . As such they excel in realistic thinking and pragmatism and value their families and society. They always believe in introvert dogmas, militarianism,feudalism, honour, devinity of their families, self-extermination of individualism and a pluralism of ethical and moral system for every possible social situation.

Most Samurais follows one of the following types of religions:

  • Any of many sects of Way of the Universe that teach variants of animistic atheism
  • Clan religions. Ancestor cults or family religions. These religions serve clan society and preserve it.
  • The Shogunate state cults. Worhsiping society and the Shogun may grant spells.
  • Warrior Reincarnist Atheist Death Cults. These cults Kills enemies for karma, being trapped by

existence and temporal desires and needs is stupidity, life is only an illusion, being alive is the hell of reincarnation, cultists purify themselves to exstinhish their souls and stopp reincarnating.

  • Pure Land cults that worships the Samurais lands as the original creation of the world, the

centre of all the world or as the land of the gods.

  • Example religion Way of the universe(Tao & Shinto) Zudhism(Fantasy Aum Shinrikyo
  • Zen-Budhism) or Yaosim(fantasy Taosm). To many Samurais society and his land lords is more imprtant than Gods.

Samurais leans to religions that directly serve the clan society and justify the warriors lifestyle, They usually favour closed family cults or ancestor cults.

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