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Salt Barrier
3rd-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: A wall with a length of 30 ft, or a circle with a diameter of 10 ft
Components: V, S, M (Enough salt to create the circle, plus a holy symbol)
Duration: Up to 1 day

This spell enchants salt to be able to be used as a barrier that provides protection from undead and fiends is created, either as a wall or series of wall segments with a total length of 30 feet, or a circle with a diameter of 10 feet. The salt cannot be spread out too much; throwing it in the air haphazardly accomplishes nothing. Any salt barrier created is fragile; should anything fall onto it, or a person step over it, the effect is broken. If an undead or a fiend attempts to cross it, they must make a Charisma save or be unable to cross. They can attempt to do so again after a long rest. In addition, the effects of a spell cast by an undead or fiend that uses a lower or equal spell level than this spell will also fail to cross over the protected area, as if cast into an anti-magic field, unless they make a charisma save. On a success, the spell passes through the salt circle barrier and it is destroyed. A fiend or undead that failed its Charisma save may still attempt to destroy the salt circle through indirect means; frightening a person so they step over it by mistake, for instance. The salt barrier also creates a dome out of any complete shape created, extending either to the ceiling, or 50 feet up, whichever one is closer.

After one day, the spell's effects fade, but the spell can be recast on the same salt circle to maintain it for another day.

At Higher Levels. This spell also blocks attempts to escape via plane shift, dimension door, or other planar travel spells if they are of lower level than the spell slot used to cast this spell. For every spell level past the 3rd used for this spell, an additional 10 feet worth of salt can be enchanted.

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